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The Correct Body Position on Your Motorcycle

The Correct Body Position on Your Motorcycle

Jan 7, 2022

Your v-twin cruiser bike is a workhorse that's perfect for weekend getaways and longer road trips. While it's easy to hop on and take off on your motorcycle, finding the correct body position can make all the difference in your riding comfort. Whether you're going around a corner or through an intersection, it's crucial to have the correct body posture for safety and control. 

This blog post will talk about what body positions are best for different situations and how they can affect your performance as a rider. The goal is to help you find the sweet spot while cruising on your v-twin cruiser.

The Starting Point: The Ultimate Goal is Proper Body Positioning

The goal of body positioning on a motorcycle, including the much-hyped motorcycle cornering body position, is to achieve harmony with the bike and freedom of movement on it while ensuring precision control with minimum effort. Other factors like your body size in relation to the big, riding gear fit, and aches or injuries, and the resulting restricted movement could all impact how you should position your body on the motorcycle. 

The correct motorcycle body position on a motorcycle will depend on its type and purpose, but some key things apply to all motorcycles. Generally speaking, you want to be in the most comfortable riding position that allows you to move easily and handle the bike with precision. Here, we'll focus on achieving the correct motorcycle body position on v-twin cruiser bikes. 

Standard Rides

A neutral riding position is recommended for day-to-day commutes, quick runs, and short road trips. This position is comfortable and provides the rider with reasonable bike control. To be in a neutral riding position, you should be sitting upright, legs bent at the knee with your feet on the footpegs and your hands on the handlebars. The motorcycle seat should feel like an extension of your body instead of something you sit upon. 

You can achieve this by adjusting the motorcycle seat to the lowest setting so that you can move your body back and forth on it. Try to keep a relaxed but firm grip on both handlebars at all times as well. You should also always be facing forward instead of leaning over either one side or another whenever possible. This motorcycle body position gives you maximum control and maneuverability.


When taking corners on your favorite customized v-twin cruiser bike, you’ll want to adjust your body position to ensure the best handling and safety. In general, you will want to be in a leaned-forward position, as this will give you more control over the bike. To get into the correct body position for cornering, start by sitting up straight on the motorcycle and then lean forward until your torso is slightly above the handlebars. 

You should then grip the handlebars tightly and keep your head up to see where you are going. When taking a corner, always enter it wide and gradually reduce your speed as you approach the apex. Like with other motorcycle body positions, be sure to look ahead and stay focused on the road, as this will help you make smooth and accurate turns. If you need to slow down or stop, do so gradually and never abruptly.

Always be aware of your surroundings, as other vehicles and obstacles can present a danger when riding. With a little bit of practice, you'll soon be able to take corners like a pro with the correct body position on your motorcycle. Also, adjust your motorcycle cornering body position according to the conditions of the road. For example, if you are on a wet or icy surface, you will want to lean back and use more body weight to help keep the bike stable.

Long Rides

For those long rides on your v-twin cruiser, it is crucial to learn the correct motorcycle body position. Relax your muscles and let your body sink into your seat - get a more comfortable seat if you have to. Adjust the mirrors and headlight so you can see clearly in all directions. Now, it's crucial to find the right balance for your body. Sit upright with your feet slightly apart and press down on the footpegs to give yourself a stable base. Hold the handlebars with a light grip and keep your body straight. 

Make sure you bend at the waist to grip the tank with both legs, as this will give you better control of your bike and allow for a more comfortable ride. A tensed-up body is the worst thing you can do when riding a motorcycle, as it will only lead to fatigue and loss of control. Remember to always wear proper riding gear that is comfortable for long rides for your own protection. 

Speedy, Aggressive Riding (Twisty Roads)

If you love the thrill of hitting the open road and those exciting twisties in the mountains, you’ll want to perfect your motorcycle body position. When you're at high-speeds rushing over hills and through turns, your body must remain in the correct position for an overall safe riding experience and a comfortable one, especially in windy conditions. For aggressive riding, start by leaning your body slightly forward.

motorcycle cornering with proper body position

Keep that upper body weight on the bike, and your elbows bent, knees against the gas tank, hips pushed back to maintain maximum control of body position while leaning into turns at high speeds. If you’re feeling nervous about riding in such a speedy manner by yourself or even with friends during group rides, find out where you can take motorcycle safety courses.

Learn More at West End Motorsports

Incorrect body position on a cruiser motorcycle often leads to fatigue and discomfort, which can cause you to become drowsy or even fall asleep while riding, increasing your risk of an accident - stay awake and alert with these tips. When cornering, always remember that lean angle increases exponentially with speed so be sure not to let yourself get going too fast when taking a turn. Be cautious with this motorcycle cornering body position.

In the end, body position on a motorcycle is all about comfort and control as you ride down your favorite highway or local road. With these tips in mind, the correct motorcycle body positioning will come naturally to you as an experienced rider. Want more insights about v-twin cruiser bikes? Visit our blog at West End Motorsports.