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Returns & Policies


Emissions Notice to Customers in California



First, we would like to apologize for any dissatisfaction or inconvenience you've encountered with your purchase. Regardless of the reason for the return, we would like to make your return/exchange experience with our company as simple as possible. Please be sure to read through the entire policy completely before making your return. Please call us toll free at 800-520-8525 if you have any questions. 

Returns must be made within 45 days of your invoice date. Shipping fees are non refundable.


>> West End Motorsports can only accept new or un-installed products for return. <<

BEFORE INSTALLING YOUR PURCHASE please be sure to inspect it thoroughly for any scratches, defects, problems, or missing parts- ESPECIALLY exhaust systems and other chromed accessories. If you do find a problem with your purchase prior to installation- DO NOT INSTALL THE ITEM OR THROW AWAY ANY PACKAGING! Contact West End Motorsports immediately and we will take the necessary steps to warranty or replace the item as soon as possible. Once the product has been installed, your right to a warranty or return for visible defects (scratches, dents, blemishes, etc.) will no longer be available. 

IF FITMENT PROBLEMS ARISE DURING THE INSTALLATION PROCESS please contact us before returning the item. More often then not, a simple direction not included in the instructions (such as applying extra pressure or removing another part first) is all you need to get the part to fit properly. West End Motorsports staff is extremely familiar with the products on our website and will often be able to guide you through installation easily. In some cases we may need to refer you to the manufacturer for further installation instructions and will provide you with contact information to do so. If we determine that a product our website said would fit your motorcycle, does not, West End Motorsports will get you the correct part (if available) as soon as possible and at no cost to you.

IF YOU THINK YOU WERE SENT THE INCORRECT PART please contact us first for confirmation before returning the item. There are several instances that could cause confusion when you receive your order that West End Motorsports staff will be happy to clear up without the need for a return. For example, our website uses a combination of distributor part numbers, manufacturer part numbers, and West End Motorsports part numbers; so the part number printed on the item you receive may not always reflect the part number on your order. Also, manufacturers often send out old or generic instructions that do not list the current model fitment or year range. If we do determine that we sent you the wrong part, West End Motorsports will get you the correct part you ordered as soon as possible and at no cost to you.


 IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH THE PRODUCT YOU ORDERED FOR ANY REASON, simply return a completed return form with the unwanted item(s) within 45 calendar days from the date of shipment. (A printed return form is shipped with every order or you can print it out below.) All products returned must arrive at West End Motorsports in perfect/re-sellable/un-installed condition to be accepted for return so please make sure to pack up the item very carefully and with the appropriate packing materials before shipping. We cannot accept damaged or used items because a large portion of returns are intended for resale - You would not want to receive someone else's damaged return and no one else wants to receive yours either! We also recommend insuring the package-West End Motorsports is not responsible for returns that are lost or damaged during return shipping. The original packaging is needed to return the item but please call us if you have already thrown it away-We will try to make exceptions on this policy whenever possible! Each return item is thoroughly inspected for damage and installation marks so please be sure to check it carefully yourself before sending it back. Returns refused for not following policy or for having undocumented damage/installation marks/etc will be shipped back to you at your expense; so again, please take good care of the parts before and during the return process.

***EFI Tuners and Internal Engine Components are non returnable. Boss Bags, Leather Pro Bags, Custom Painted and "Used Parts" (sold as is) are not returnable. Factory Warranties will be honored for all items. Some "Special Price" items are also not returnable so please call to check before ordering. Some returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee and some exchanges are subject to a 10% restocking fee - Details about which returns incur a restocking fee can be found on your return form. 


(Required to return any items for exchange or refund)



Unlike other companies, West End Motorsports strives to process your return and refund your money as soon as possible- in most instances we will refund you within 1-2 business days of receiving the return item(s). Credit card purchases will be refunded directly to your card and money order purchases will be refunded in the form of a check sent through the US Postal Service.

1. Items returned unopened and in their original packaging will be charged a 10% restocking fee.

2. Items returned opened and with their original packaging will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

3. Items without their original packaging are not eligible for refunds.

4. Special order items such as Boss Bags, Leather Pro Bags and Hoppe fairings are not eligible for refunds.

5. EFI Tuners and Internal Engine Components are non returnable. Electrical items such as lights and fuel processors that have been installed are not eligible for refunds.

6. Close out and used parts are not eligible for refunds.


Exchanges at West End Motorsports can be handled in one of two ways:

A.If you are in a rush to receive your new item, you can place a new order for the exchange part either online or over the phone with a West End Motorsports employee. That order will be handled like a standard new order; paid in full by the customer and shipped out as soon as possible. The item you no longer want can then be returned to West End Motorsports following standard return procedure for a refund.

B.When you fill out your return form, there is a section where you can indicate that you would like to do an exchange and what you want as an exchange item(s). You then ship the item and the form back to us and we handle the exchange within 1-2 business days of it arriving here. We will ship out the new part(s) you want and credit or charge you accordingly.

Please keep in mind that a 10% restocking will still apply (indicated on the return form) depending on the reason for exchange. Also, due to the high costs of shipping, West End Motorsports can only offer free shipping once. If you did not pay shipping on your original order, you will be responsible for shipping on the exchange unless otherwise indicated by West End Motorsports.

1. Items returned unopened and in their original packaging will be charged a 10% restocking fee. Shipping charges apply.

2. Items returned opened, in perfect condition and with their original packaging will be charged a 10% restocking fee. Shipping charges apply.

3. Items without their original packaging are not eligible for exchanges.

4. Special order items such as Custom Painted Parts, Boss Bags, Leather Pro Bags and Hoppe fairings are not eligible for exchanges.

5. EFI Tuners and Internal Engine Components are non returnable. Electrical items such as lights and fuel processors that have been installed are not eligible for exchanges.

6. Close out items and used parts are not eligible for exchanges.

7. Price matching is not permitted on exchanges. You will be charged the price that is on the website on the day the exchange is done.

8. No coupon codes can be applied to exchanges.


Please contact us via phone (1-570-992-1113) IMMEDIATELY if you would like to cancel your order. Do not e-mail us or leave a voicemail and assume your order has been cancelled.

1. If you cancel any order while it is still in "Pending" status- No problem!

2. If you cancel an in-stock/regular inventory item before it ships- No problem!

3. If you cancel a non-stocking item before it is shipped but after it has been ordered from one of our suppliers- There is unfortunately a 15% (of the product(s) total) Cancellation/Re-stocking Fee. Again, this fee is not to make money off of your cancellation but simply to try and recover some of the costs we incur to process your order. Not only are we charged a restocking fee to return your item(s) back to distributor warehouses, the high costs of packaging, credit card processing fees, and man power, all add up substantially on our end.

4. If you would like to cancel an order that has already been shipped- Unfortunately a cancellation is no longer possible. You will have to wait until you receive the item and then return it to us following the standard return procedure above (restocking fee applies where applicable).
DO NOT REFUSE THE PACKAGE- If you refuse the package, you will be charged whatever the shipping cost was to send it to you plus the return shipping we pay the carrier. The order will also be subject to a 20% restocking fee. We will also still need to obtain a filled out return form from you (via fax or e-mail) which will delay the return process. It is much more time and cost effective for you to just return the order properly.


Contact West End Motorsports within 7 calendar days so we can warranty or replace the item for you. Please understand that almost all of the items on are covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty. Most products come with a standard 1 year Manufacturer Warranty but it is the customer's responsibility to research that further (West End Motorsports will be happy to help with contact information, etc. upon request.) We do not warranty the items personally, but we are here to assist you through the warranty process. Call us toll free at 1-800-520-8525 if you feel you have a warranty issue and we will provide you with further instructions.

Some manufacturers prefer to deal with the customer directly while others require us to act as a middle man. You may also be responsible for any and all shipping charges associated with the warranty and sending the part back to the factory. The warranty process can only go as fast and as smooth as the manufacturer of the product allows but we promise to do whatever we can to assist, speed up, or simplify the process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BEFORE INSTALLING YOUR PURCHASE please be sure to inspect it thoroughly for any scratches, defects, problems, or missing parts- ESPECIALLY exhaust systems and other chromed accessories. If you do find a problem with your purchase prior to installation- DO NOT INSTALL THE ITEM OR THROW AWAY ANY PACKAGING! Once the product has been installed, your right to a warranty or return for visible defects (scratches, dents, blemishes, etc.) will no longer be available. West End Motorsports can only accept new/un-installed products for return.


The prices listed on our website are accurate and up to date to the best of our knowledge. Please understand though that all manufacturers raise their prices periodically and seldom notify their dealers that they will be doing so. We adjust the prices accordingly as soon as possible but this is extremely difficult considering the large amount of products advertised on our website. West End Motorsports Inc. reserves the right to change prices anytime and is under no legal obligation to honor a price that is incorrect or out of date. Your satisfaction is very important to us however so West End Motorsports will honor the incorrect, lesser price whenever possible.

 In cases where the error in price is too great for us to honor, we will take the following action:
1. You will not be charged for the item right away- Instead we will notify you immediately that the price on the website is incorrect and inform you of the correct selling price.
2. You are under no obligation to buy the product at the greater price and we will cancel your order without penalty if you decide not to. If you accept the updated price, your order will be processed as usual.


West End Motorsports Inc. guarantees to beat any competitor's price on any item we carry, whether it is currently listed on our website or not. Simply call us with the URL of the competitor's website so we can confirm the lesser price. Please do your research BEFORE placing the order because we cannot do retroactive price matching or give refunds after the order has been placed.

Please understand the following restrictions before asking us to price match:
1. We can only price match on identical items (same product, manufacturer, color etc.). Retailers don't always use the same part number but we will do our best to confirm that it is the same product.

2. The price must be an advertised, internet price that a West End Motorsports staff member can clearly verify. We can not price match dealer or phone quoted prices so please do not ask us to call elsewhere.

3. We price match based on the total cost of the order- not just the product price. If a competitor charges shipping or tax when we don't, we will tack that on to the cost of the product when verifying the price match. We may still do the price match for you but the shipping and tax will be taken into consideration and added to the price of the item.

4. West End Motorsports reserves the right to not sell any product below cost or so close to cost that we would lose money on the transaction. If a competitor is having a closeout sale or selling an item at a price too low to economically match or beat, we may elect not to sell the product.

5. Each product is assigned a specific suggested retail price directly from its manufacturer. If the competitor has the incorrect retail price it means that they have outdated or incorrect information about the product and may be selling it cheaper then they intended to. We are not obligated to match the price of a competitor with the wrong retail price and please be advised that they may not be able to sell you the product at the advertised price either when they realize the error.

6. We will only price match with reputable online retailers- We do not price match E-Bay auctions or other websites of that kind. Please remember that the lowest price is not always the best deal. When you buy a product from us you are also buying security, exceptional customer service, and much much more- You can't put a price on those benefits!


At West End Motorsports- We do everything we can to get you the item(s) you order as soon as possible! Most items ordered from are shipped out within 1-2 business days. All other orders ship out within 3-5 business days and never ship out later then 10 business days after you order (without prior notification of the delay). When the item is not "in-stock" at our North Carolina warehouse, we order it on your behalf from one of over 21 other warehouses and distributors around the country. Not all products are available from all warehouses so a combination of availability and location of the warehouse determine when your order will ship or how long it will take to get to you. We may ship to you from our facility in Pennsylvania or have the item shipped to you directly from a manufacturer or closer warehouse.

Drop-Shipments (items shipped to you from another location) are not always possible (depending on the product) and usually cost an additional fee (they always cost us an additional fee!). In certain situations we may elect to Drop-Ship an item to you for free but are under no obligation to do so. Feel free to call ahead of time to inquire about drop-shipments. Items that ship out of our Pennsylvania facility have little to no delay shipping out.

Single item orders ship out the day the item arrives at our facility- They never sit in our warehouse! For multiple item orders, we typically wait until all the items arrive at our facility before shipping. We may (and often do when possible) split your order into multiple shipments but are not obligated to do so for free. If you do request multiple shipments, we will inform you then if additional charges apply. If you need your order by a certain date, give us a call- We can tell you when to expect your order via standard shipping and discuss possible options for expedited shipping when possible or needed!

**Sometimes items are not available from any warehouse and this situation is known as a "Backorder". Please see our Backorder Policy to find out how this type of situation is handled.


A "back order" occurs when the manufacturer of a product is out of stock on the item and so are all of the distributors and retailers that sell it. (I.E. No one has the item in stock or available to them). If we inform you that a product is on back order, it is not just on back order with our company - it is back ordered on a national scale through all other retailers, distributors, and the manufacturer. This is an extremely common problem in the motorcycle industry and here's why: There are over 100 different cruiser models with thousands of unique parts and accessories. Manufactures cannot possibly make all the part numbers at once so they schedule batch productions. Manufactures make a certain number of a certain part number during a scheduled period of time before moving on to a different part. If the manufacturer miscalculates demand, they can very easily run out of a product before it is scheduled to be made again. Very high demand, very low demand, and issues during the manufacturing process can also cause delays. Whatever the cause, back orders are extremely common and can range anywhere from a few days to a few months- (We'll let you know what to expect!). If you have two parts on order and one is on backorder, you maybe charged shipping on the available part if it falls below the $99.00 threshold. The shipping will be deducted from the order when the costlier product that did qualify the order for free shipping is available. 

Q: So what should I do if a part I want is backordered?
A: Order it as soon as possible!
The reason? Back orders are filled in order, on a first-come/first-serve basis- If you are the first to order then you are the first to receive. When you elect to simply wait for a part to come off back order, you are actually waiting for the manufacturer to deliver the part to everyone who already had it on order FIRST and then have stock left over parts to sell to the public- I.E. You!


When the part you want is worth the wait- West End Motorsports is the best place to order it! Our Pre-Order Policy ensures that your back order experience will be as quick and painless as possible:
1. We notify you via E-mail that the part is on back order within 24 hours.
We also supply you with the estimated in stock date that the manufacturer gives out. FYI: Unfortunately, back order ETA's are often extremely unreliable. Manufacturers are not obligated to meet that time frame and simply push back the date (without prior notice) if the part isn't ready yet. You can use the ETA as a rough estimate but we can tell you from experience what time frame you can expect from a manufacturer.

2. We periodically re-check availability to ensure you get the part you want as soon as possible. We initially order the back ordered part from the distributor or manufacturer who expects it first but we don't take their word for it! We periodically evaluate your order and check to see if the part has become available at a different location- If the part is available somewhere else, we order the part immediately on your behalf and process your order.

3. You can cancel your back order without penalty if you get tired of waiting. If you no longer want to wait for the item, just give us a call to cancel or to easily switch to a different part (do not send e-mails or leave voicemails to cancel an order). The only time it would be a problem to cancel your back order is if the part has already come off back order and is in transit to us or you - But by then there is no reason to cancel! **If you do decide you have to cancel the back order after it is in transit, it would unfortunately have to be handled like a standard cancellation and would be subject to a restocking fee.

4. PRICE GUARANTEE! PRICE GUARANTEE! PRICE GUARANTEE! When you pre-order a back ordered item, you are locked in at that price (Hint: Special Coupon Code Sales are a perfect time to pre-order!). Even if the sale ends or the price of the part goes up while it is on back order- as long as you keep your pre-order, you are locked in at the lower price when the part becomes available!


International, Alaskan, Hawaiian, and APO/FPO orders are all handled in the same manner: You can order anytime via or by telephone and you will be contacted within 24 hours with a shipping quote. There are no flat rate shipping charges- We calculate the size/weight of the box(es) shipping and quote you our cost. You are not obligated to accept the shipping charge and WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD until you approve the shipping amount via E-mail or telephone. If you do agree to the shipping charge, it will be added to your order and processed immediately. If you do not agree to the shipping charge, we will simply cancel your order- no fees or penalties!

If you would like a shipping quote before placing an order: Please call or E-mail us with all of the part numbers you intend to order and the shipping address. We will get you a quote as soon as possible and you can feel free to place the order afterwards if you approve. If you order online- The shipping charge will not come up automatically. Please reference the quote in the comment box upon checking out and we will confirm the price and add it to your order before it is processed.

Security: Due to an extremely high rate of international credit card fraud, we may ask for additional information such as a photocopy of your credit card and/or driver's license before processing your order. This policy is not meant to insult you or invade your privacy in any way; it is simply an extra security measure to avoid identity theft and fraud issues. You do not have to comply with these types of requests but please understand that we do then have the right not to process the order if we feel it is a security risk- We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.


WEST END MOTORSPORTS strongly believes in protecting the integrity and privacy of personal information gathered from our members and from visitors to our websites. Because protecting your privacy is of great importance to us, we have created this privacy policy to communicate our practices regarding the collection and dissemination of personal information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as a name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or any other information provided to us by our members and by visitors to our websites.

 Why does WEST END MOTORSPORTS ask for my information?

 In order to participate in some activities, you might be asked to provide some personal information. This could be in connection with any one or combination of the following:

  • Shipping items purchased from the WEST END MOTORSPORTS Website
  • Participating in contests, surveys, petitions, and giveaways
  • Requesting information for shipping quotes
  • Subscribing to WEST END MOTORSPORTS e-news lists

What information does WEST END MOTORSPORTS collect?

We do not collect personal information from our visitors other than that which is supplied to us on a voluntary basis.

Does WEST END MOTORSPORTS use “cookies” on its websites?

WEST END MOTORSPORTS uses “cookies” and pixels on some webpages. A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on a visitor’s hard drive but does not contain any personal information itself. Cookies enhance a visitor’s experience by preventing the visitor from having to log in or provide information each time he or she revisits a WEST END MOTORSPORTS webpage and by customizing content based on a visitor’s interests. Pixels, often used in connection with cookies, are small blocks of code on webpages that perform functions such as allowing another server to measure viewing statistics for a webpage. Visitors can configure their browsers to refuse cookies or to be alerted when a site is attempting to send a cookie, although some WEST END MOTORSPORTS e-commerce pages will not function properly without accepting cookies. WEST END MOTORSPORTS and third-party vendors, including Google and Facebook, use cookies and pixels to show website visitors ads based on a visitor’s prior visits to the website as well as first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookies) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) together to report how ad impressions, other uses of ad services and interactions with them correspond to visits to our web site. WEST END MOTORSPORTS also makes use of demographic information gathered via Google Analytics Demographics & Interests reports to gain a deeper understanding of the visitors to our website so that we can cater content to them accordingly while also tracking our success at reaching new populations of people. Visitors who want to opt out of Google’s use of cookies in these ways can do so by visiting the Google advertising opt-out page.

How is information used in WEST END MOTORSPORTS e-mails?

If you provide WEST END MOTORSPORTS with your e-mail address, you will be signed up to start receiving e-mails from WEST END MOTORSPORTS. You can unsubscribe from any or all WEST END MOTORSPORTS e-mail lists at any time by following the instructions included in each e-mail or by e-mailing Info@West End The information that we gather from subscribers, including their e-mail addresses, is not shared with non-WEST END MOTORSPORTS–affiliated organizations or companies. From time to time, we may send out e-mail messages that might include information about these like-minded organizations and companies, but we do not provide them with access to any personal information that you have provided.

All e-mail messages sent to e-mail newsletter subscribers contain a link that allows you to unsubscribe or to modify your profile. You may subscribe or unsubscribe to any e-news or e-mail communication from WEST END MOTORSPORTS at any time.

If you have any questions about WEST END MOTORSPORTS e-news, please e-mail Info@West End

How does WEST END MOTORSPORTS protect my information?

WEST END MOTORSPORTS is extremely protective of the information gathered through its membership and websites. Our websites have security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of the information under our control. Our Web server is located in a locked, secure environment.

When you make a purchase through the WEST END, we use a secure server and encryption to protect your financial and other personal information during transmission.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, the information that we have collected from you online, the practices of this site, or your interaction with this website, please e-mail Info@West End

You can also reach us via postal mail at:

WEST END MOTORSPORTS 5039 Mattie Street, Morehead City NC 28557

Click here to see your Rights To Access Your Personal Information. 

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