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Parts for Every Part of the Bike

The Bolt has a wide selection of parts available from aftermarket manufacturers. This is evident from our selection of Yamaha Bolt parts. From mirrors, to license plate holders, to slip-on mufflers, nearly every nook and cranny of the Bolt can be optimized with aftermarket components. For riders who like to install custom parts, the Bolt is the right bike. View our selection of aftermarket Yamaha Bolt parts and start upgrading as you choose.

Parts Guaranteed to Fit Perfectly

Considering the variety of Yamaha Bolt parts from so many manufacturers, it’s understandable to wonder if all the parts have a seamless fit. We can’t speak for every aftermarket Bolt part, but we can vouch for the ones we offer. Every part is backed by our perfect fitment guarantee. Install one of our parts, and no one will know it wasn’t installed on the assembly line. That’s another great reason to shop West End Motorsports!