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Not Just for Racing

If you’re interested in transforming your bike from a standard cruiser to something more like a Dresser, our selection of fairings can help you achieve the look you’re going for. They also have some functional purposes. Fairings can do more than increase the momentum of your motorcycle. They also help achieve and maintain cruising speed. The less you roll on the throttle, the less excess speed and wind resistance you’re creating as you ride. With comfort in mind, fairings have the amazing quality of improving your ride as soon as you install them.

Perfect for Cruising

Our Memphis Batwing Fairing and additional Memphis Shade Fairing options help shield you from wind that increases as you accelerate. Fairings deflect wind upward and channel it around the sides of a cruiser, increasing riding comfort and supporting steering control at high speeds.

Installing high-quality fairings is one of the most hassle-free, cost-effective ways to upgrade the style and performance of your cruiser. Order today, and experience the awesome driving difference Memphis fairings deliver!