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Top 12 Zombie Baffle FAQ's

Here are the Top 12 questions about TAB Performance Zombie Baffles

Do Zombie baffles lose backpressure? What about performance?

If someone mentions losing backpressure or needing more backpressure, don't fall for it! It's not about backpressure—it's all about maximizing flow velocity. When it comes to performance, Zombies will surpass your stock pipes in both torque and horsepower when combined with the appropriate tuning. Particularly excelling in top-end horsepower, although there is a trade-off with some low-end torque. 


Are Zombies baffles the loudest on the market? How loud are they?

Some claim we are! To rate them on a scale of 1-10, your stock pipes would land at a 1 or 2, offering an extremely quiet sound like a sewing machine. Our Zombie baffle ranks at a 9 or 10, delivering an incredibly loud sound reminiscent of running straight pipes.  When using these reference points, it is important to keep perspective.  If you had a Dyna with short pipes and are putting zombies on a new M8 motor that is stock, then you may feel like the zombies are “not loud enough” on their own.  The zombies are an aggressive loud slip-on when compared to other options on similar motors and bikes. 


Do I need to retune?

Typically, if you only modify one Air-to-Fuel ratio (AFR) aspect, like switching to high-flow mufflers OR a high-flow intake, you can usually skip the retuning hassle. This change results more in a visual or sound difference rather than a significant performance boost. Just be cautious of prolonged idling or stop-and-go traffic situations.

However, when you start playing with two components that impact the AFR, such as both mufflers AND an intake, it becomes crucial to retune.  This is a general guideline and not a hard and fast rule, and you need to know your bike and pay attention that it is still within normal operating temperatures and running well. 


Do they sound tinny?

Sound can be a matter of personal preference when it comes to using descriptive terms. Many of our customers tend to describe the sound as raspy and aggressive, while some also mention a deep rumble (though we believe raspy and aggressive best characterize the pipes). It all boils down to individual perception. For those seeking a really low tone without focusing on volume, we recommend the louvered option. If you desire an aggressive, raspy sound with a loud presence, the zombies are the perfect choice. For those with a balanced header (not a true dual) like a 2:2 or a 2-1-2 setup, mixing both types can offer a blend of volume and lower tones, a trend highly favored by our customers. 


Why aren’t they wrapped?

In many muffler systems, perforations or holes are common in the exhaust tube, with the wrap influencing both performance and sound. However, the unique design of the zombie baffle, lacking holes or perforations, renders the fiberglass wrap redundant. Extensive testing revealed that the wrap, whether present or not, had no impact on performance and, in fact, proved more detrimental than beneficial.


Why do mine sound different than my friends?

The reason your pipes may sound different from your friends could be due to various factors. Each bike is unique, with differences in engine type, modifications, whether it's a twin cam or M8, touring or Softail, and even the brand like Harley vs. Indian—all these elements contribute to the distinct sound.  Even simple tuning can change how the bike idles and have an impact on sound, so apples to apples comparison testing can be difficult unless all factors are equal.


Will my bike be louder with the 50 Cals equipped with Zombies compared to the 4.5” BAM Sticks?

No, 50 Cals with the Zombie baffles is more about enhancing the appearance of the back end of your bike. While you might perceive a slight change in sound, the overall difference in volume won't be significant.


Why choose TAB over other market leading options?

Each brand brings its unique strengths, and our priority is assisting you in discovering the ideal setup for your bike. We offer honest guidance, even if our products may not align perfectly with your bike's objectives. What sets us apart is our exceptional customer service. When you reach out to us, you'll connect with a knowledgeable representative who can guide you seamlessly through the process. No navigating through multiple prompts or facing dropped calls—just direct, personalized assistance. As a family-owned business, we genuinely value our customers, and we're confident that choosing us will leave you satisfied.


What if I don’t like them?

Once your pipes are installed, they are not returnable. We recommend doing thorough research and watching our videos on Facebook and YouTube to aid in your decision-making process. If you are dissatisfied with the Zombies, you have the option to choose from our other baffle designs. The beauty of our slip-ons is that the baffles can be easily interchanged.


What are my other baffle options if Zombies aren’t for me?

You have two other baffle options to choose from:

  • 1.75” Louvered Baffle (Quiet): This baffle is rated at 2 or 3 on our scale.
  • 2.5”/2.25” Louvered Baffle (Medium): This option is rated at 6 on our scale.

These ratings provide a guide from 1 (Stock) to 10 (No Baffle) for each baffle’s sound level with the Zombie Baffle being the loudest at a rating of 8 or 9 on the scale.


What are the benefits of running one Zombie baffle and one louvered baffle?

Utilizing a louvered baffle on the right and the Zombie on the left may restore some low-end torque and maintain the aggressive Zombie sound. While this approach has not been tested by us, there are several online videos discussing this trend. (link to a video) In order to do this effectively you need to be running a 2-1-2 type of system or a balanced 2 into 2 where the variance happens after the balancing chamber.  If you tried this on a real true dual system you would end up with different pressures on each cylinder and would cause issues with tuning.


What are the Zombie Ring Inserts with Torque Cone Inserts?

This product serves as a precision tuning accessory, intended for subtle adjustments rather than significant alterations, with a focus on redirecting power to the lower range. While some customers strongly support these modifications, others may prefer the original setup and switch back independently, particularly if they are not satisfied with the altered exhaust sound. The exhaust tone is predominantly influenced during deceleration by these components. We advise watching online videos to assess if you appreciate the adjusted sound because after purchase, this unit cannot be returned.


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