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Harley Davidson

Creates a Protective Wall of Air

Some aftermarket windshields for Harley-Davidsons are tall enough to offer coverage from your helmet down to the handlebars. Others are shorter which can still offer necessary protection, but on a different level. The height of your windshield depends on how much protection you want as a rider.

The contour of a Harley-Davidson windshield can create a wall of upward traveling air that makes insects, gravel, and other small objects blow up and over the top of the bike. It’s a win-win situation: The windscreen makes your bike look classy like a Harley should, and it gives you more protection and comfort for high-octane cruises on the open road.

Order Your Windscreen Today

West End Motorsports has a wide selection of aftermarket motorcycle windshields. We also offer a broad array of Harley fairings that fit perfectly with a Harley-Davidson windshield. Order today, and start enjoying the safety, comfort, and style that only a great windscreen offers.


How tall should a Harley windshield be?

The height of a windshield on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is largely dependent on personal preference. Some riders opt for taller shields to provide more wind protection, while others prefer shorter shields that allow more airflow and reduce noise levels. It is important to note that the higher the shield, the larger the blind spot when looking forward; however, it is usually possible to adjust the shield to a suitable height for any rider. Ultimately, it is best to experiment with different heights and find the right motorcycle windscreen for you.

Are windshields on motorcycles worth it?

Yes, Harley-Davidson windshields are definitely worth it for many riders. A good shield can provide improved wind protection and help reduce fatigue during long rides. Additionally, a well-made windshield can also reduce noise levels and keep rain, snow, and debris from hitting your face when riding.

What is the best material for a motorcycle windshield?

The best material for windshields for Harley-Davidson largely depends on the rider's specific needs. Polycarbonate is typically the most popular material because it is lightweight, shatter-resistant, and strong. Other materials such as acrylic or lexan are also widely used for Harley-Davidson motorcycle windshields due to their low cost and durability.

Are you supposed to look over or through a motorcycle windshield?

It's recommended to look over the windshield when riding a motorcycle rather than through it. Looking through the windshield can reduce visibility and create an uncomfortable viewing angle while riding. Additionally, looking over the shield will help reduce glare from the sun or oncoming headlights. If you have a taller Harley-Davidson windshield installed, adjust your riding position in order to be able to look over the shield and maintain visibility.