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Harley Davidson

Creates a Protective Wall of Air

Some aftermarket Harley-Davidson motorcycle windshields are tall enough to form a solid barrier between you and airborne objects in the driving path. Shorter windshields can offer the same protection, but in a different way.

The contour of a Harley windscreen can create a wall of upward traveling air that makes insects, gravel, and other small objects blow up and over the top of the bike. It’s a win-win situation: The windscreen makes your bike look classy like a Harley should, and it gives you more protection and comfort for high-octane cruises on the open road.

Order Your Windscreen Today

West End Motorsports has a wide selection of aftermarket Harley-Davidson motorcycle windshields. We also offer a broad array of Harley fairings that fit perfectly with a Harley windshield. Order today, and start enjoying the safety, comfort, and style that only a great windscreen offers.