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Get Exactly the Right Fit

Like their bikes, motorcycle riders come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the factory-installed seat simply isn’t designed to offer the highest level of comfort, but installing an aftermarket Harley-Davidson motorcycle seat can make the difference. Featuring different contours, various types of cushioning, and several styles of back support, our wide selection of aftermarket upgrades offers something for everyone when it comes to comfort and performance.

An upgraded seat provides improved stability, allowing for increased maneuverability and control over your motorcycle. It can also keep you maintain proper posture while helping to reduce rider fatigue. With the right fit and quality craftsmanship, you can be sure of a more comfortable, safer, and more enjoyable ride.

Swap for Different Looks

If comfort is your main concern when shopping for Harley-Davidson seats, then we have the best selection of aftermarket seats available online. Whether you need a big, comfortable seat for those long rides or something more compact when you’re riding around town, we have the best selection of seats that can easily be swapped out depending on where you’re going. 

Shop our selection of Harley-Davidson Mustang seats and top-brand seats and order today to give your Harley a seat that looks and feels great on your next ride. 


What style options are available for Harley-Davidson aftermarket seats?

At West End Motorsports, we offer a variety of Harley-Davidson aftermarket seat styles to choose from. Some of our most popular styles include solo seats, two-up seats, low riders or pillion seats, and touring/cruiser seats with backrests. Each style offers different levels of comfort and support for the rider and passenger. Solo seats provide a sleek look and allow the rider to sit low. Two-up seats provide comfort for both the rider and passenger while touring/cruiser seats offer additional support for long rides. 

Is installation of an aftermarket seat easy?

Installing an aftermarket seat is a relatively simple task. Most of our selection of aftermarket seats are designed to fit the exact OEM mounting points, making them very easy to install. They also come with mounting hardware and instructions. If you need help with installation, call our technical support team at 570-992-1113.

How do I know which size seat to buy for my bike?

When it comes to purchasing Harley-Davidson aftermarket seats, we make it easy with our Harley-Davidson-specific model selection. We offer guaranteed-fit seats for a variety of models including, Harley-Davidson Pan America, Touring, Softail, Dyna, FX, Sportster, and 500/750 Street.

Of course, when ordering, you'll need to consider both the size and shape of your seat, as well as its intended use. Other important factors to consider are your weight, leg length, and riding style. All these factors will determine the best seat size for ultimate comfort. Talk to an expert today, and we’ll help you make the best selection – 570-992-1113.