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Mustang Seats Go The Distance

As you hit the road on your cruiser, people notice how your bike looks and sounds. While a rumbling exhaust draws attention, upgraded mufflers and wheels are major eye-catchers. But what about something that’ll give your bike a distinctive look while providing comfort on the open road? Check out our selection of aftermarket motorcycle seats from trusted brands including Mustang, Saddlemen, British Customs, and more!

Many Brands for Many Bikes

From reputable brands like Danny Gray, LePera, Saddlemen, Drag Specialties, Z1R, and Mustang Motorcycle seats, we have seats for several makes of motorcycles. Whether you ride a Harley, Indian, Victory, Triumph, or a metric bike like a Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, or Yamaha, we have some premium seats that’ll provide you comfort no matter where you go.

These are great seats for high-performing bikes, but you won’t pay a small fortune for your seat when you shop with us. Like you, we’re motorcycle enthusiasts at heart. We run a business, but we’re interested in more than making money. We’d like to see every cruiser owner enjoy the perks that top-notch aftermarket motorcycle seats offer.

We Guarantee Perfect Fitment

As nice as they seem straight from the package, aftermarket motorcycle seats aren’t worth the investment unless they fit perfectly, like a factory-installed seat. This is why we offer guaranteed fitment for all of our equipment regardless of the part or the bike you’re working with. If a component doesn’t fit perfectly, choose between a free replacement seat and a refund. It’s that simple.

Order today to outfit your motorcycle with a durable, high-quality seat that redefines what it means to ride in comfort.