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How To Better Understand Motorcycle Valuations

How To Better Understand Motorcycle Valuations

Posted by Wiley Moody on Jul 2, 2020

You’ve probably experienced this scenario. You’re looking for a new V-twin cruiser motorcycle but know that you have to sell your existing one to fund your new purchase. It’s a common scenario that often leads to one question: “how much is my cruiser bike worth?” Also, if you have an old bike sitting in your garage, have you ever wondered how much it could be worth?

What if you want to sell your V-twin cruiser privately? How do you know you’re getting a fair motorcycle valuation? This is a question you’ll ask yourself when you want to sell a motorcycle in any condition. Read on in this motorcycle valuations guide to understand the different factors that come into play when determining a motorcycle’s true market value.

Motorcycle Make and Model

The make and model of your V-twin cruiser motorcycle will affect the value. Usually, when a newer model of your bike comes into the market, your bike’s value declines. A lot of factors come into play when establishing how much a motorcycle is worth, such as the current market value and the industry-accepted price. If you want a model upgrade, you’ll get a better resale value by selling before your model becomes dated. If not, ensure routine maintenance.

Mileage of Your Bike

Mileage also plays a huge role in motorcycle valuation. Most motorcycles average 4000 miles per year, which is often used to determine whether your motorcycle, for its age, has done fewer or more miles than expected. Bikes with higher mileage will attract a lower resale value than the same model in the same condition with lower mileage.

Condition of the Motorcycle

The condition of your cruiser bike will affect the resale value. Cruiser bikes in great condition, with full-service history and aftermarket upgrades, will be more attractive than those in poor condition. When presenting your bike for valuation or selling, remember it’s all about buyer appeal. Small details like scratches, a dirty bike, broken lights, and undeclared issues can affect the motorcycle valuation. Always be transparent about the condition of your motorcycle.


While age is often a difficult factor to consider, newer bikes will usually have a higher resale value than old ones, especially when you consider factors like condition and mileage. With age, the rate of depreciation increases, but varies between models. However, if you’re a proud owner of a classic V-twin cruiser or collect bikes, your bike’s value may increase with age.

Service History

Having your cruiser motorcycle regularly serviced does more than just keep your bike in good condition. It also helps maintain value. When determining motorcycle valuation, bikes with a full-service history will typically be in a better position to command a higher asking price than those with an incomplete history. Always keep those service records and the paperwork. Besides our motorcycle valuations guide, also know how to maintain your bike.


Your motorcycle model’s market demand also has a significant impact on the resale value. It’s advisable to do some research to determine what else is for sale in the market. If there are lots of models like yours for sale, then the supply could be greater than the demand. If you can’t find many models for sale, you could be in luck. You’ll get a higher motorcycle valuation if you’re looking to sell a rarer cruiser model.


Customized Honda cruiser

Most motorcycle buyers favor bikes in stock condition as opposed to those with modifications. That attracts better value. However, for most V-twin cruiser bike owners, customization is a part of their lifestyle, so don’t feel intimidated by the thought of selling a personalized bike. Cruiser bike buyers are proud of custom looks. It’s a good idea to keep the original parts just in case they’re needed. Bikes with quality aftermarket custom parts and accessories may sell better.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

There are other factors to consider too, such as the number of previous owners of the bike, the warranty on the bike, and the time of sale as seasonality may determine the demand levels. If you want to understand motorcycle valuation, keep the factors discussed above in mind. Different sites offer valuation services online, so take your time to find the most established.

Customized Your Cruiser Bike for Additional Value

When selling your cruiser bike, whether still fairly new or old, you’ll want it to be in perfect condition. Whether it means replacing tires, getting a comfortable aftermarket seat, adding fairings and a windshield, or upgrading to a custom exhaust for better sound and improved performance, West End Motorsports brings you everything you need to add value to your ride.

Shop customizable parts and accessories online that you can install yourself and enjoy free shipping and guaranteed fitment. Have more questions about motorcycle valuation? Call us at 570.992.1113.