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5 Upgrades That Make Great Motorcycle Christmas Gifts

5 Upgrades That Make Great Motorcycle Christmas Gifts

Dec 16, 2019

Christmas is just around the corner, and like many people, you’re probably wondering what gifts you’ll buy yourself this holiday. Not the usual family fun-fair gifts, but for your v-twin cruiser motorcycle. With so many motorcycle Christmas gifts to choose from, you need to choose wisely. How about buying some serious motorcycle upgrades?

Here are five motorcycle upgrades you should consider:

New Lighting Accessories

There’s no doubt that cruiser bike owners love customizing their bikes. But even with so many unique gifts for motorcycle riders, one of the most neglected areas when it comes to buying new motorcycle parts and accessories, is lighting. Getting some additional lighting for yourself is a good idea.

If you spend more time on the road or ride a lot at night, you should upgrade your rear-end lights with smart motorcycle Christmas gifts like an aftermarket frame light for your license plate or a Dynamic BackOFF module so that drivers can see you better. Buy new front lights for better visibility and additional LED lights for your turn signals and displays.

Aftermarket Seat and Saddle

The comfort of your cruiser bike seat means everything. While style and looks are important, comfort is what matters most, especially if you love touring. Whether you’re doing a short ride or long 1000-mile+ ride, the wrong seat can make your ride feel like hell. Gift yourself a new aftermarket seat and saddle this Christmas to unleash your cruiser on the road.

A simple shortening, additional padding, or a bit of widening may be all you need for better fit and comfort. The right saddle can transform your cruiser from unrideable to one that fits you and your riding style like a glove.

Right-Height Windshield

One of the biggest mistakes that cruiser bike riders make is choosing the wrong windshield height. While you may think that windshields take away the stylish appeal of a naked cruiser bike, there have been great improvements in construction and aesthetic over the years. Treat yourself with a nice motorcycle Christmas gift in the form of a custom aftermarket windshield.

Choose from tinted options, colored options, and additional deflectors for the perfect riding experience. You’ll have to find the right balance between air-flow, style, and debris protection when making a choice.

Slip-On Exhausts

Cruiser bikes come with loud factory stock exhausts, but it’s never enough for the cruiser enthusiast who wants a more fine-tuned sound from their bike. If you’re looking to personalize the sound of your v-twin cruiser, you need to get yourself a unique gift designed for motorcycle riders like you — a slip-on exhaust kit.

This is a perfect motorcycle Christmas gift if you want to unleash the deep v-twin engine rumble that matches your riding style. There are numerous custom aftermarket slip-on mufflers that produce unique tones with durable build quality and cool visuals. Whether you want to improve sound or performance, all you need to do is choose the best aftermarket exhaust brand for your cruiser bike.

High-Quality Riding Gear

motorcycle riders cruising highway side

Safety is the one thing that you can never compromise as a motorcycle rider. Whether you want new riding gear for different riding seasons or want to try out a new style or innovative gear, go for high-quality upgrades offering maximum protection. From helmets to gloves, jackets, and heated apparel, find the best gear available for an added level of protection so you can ride in total confidence.

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