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Mustang Solo Seat for Sportster '96-03 (& all 3.3 gallons) -Wide Studded

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Mustang  Solo Seat  for Sportster '96-03 (& all 3.3 gallons) -Wide Studded

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-Wide Studded Solo
The wide Solos features a braided edge skirt and are deeply pocketed to provide ample back support. Match a solo to your choice of rear seats or fender bibs.


Baseplate Features:
Mustang offers a full line of Sportster seats that will fit models from 1958-03. All Sportster seats have a steel baseplate that is black powder coated. Baseplates feature elastic polyurethane rubber bumpers to protect the motorcycle and soften vibrations as well as carpet to protect the fender.

1982-2003 XL Solos:
are mounted with a single fender screw and engage at the nose. When mounting the rear seat, align spool washer on top of the solo bracket and bolt down to the fender with supplied bolt. The front of the rear seat is slotted and engages into the spool washer. Align rear-mounting tab to the fender and secure.