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Mustang One-Piece Fastback Seat for Sportster '96-03 (& all 3.3 gallons)

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Mustang One-Piece Fastback Seat for Sportster '96-03 (& all 3.3 gallons)

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-Fastback Seat
The Fastback offers a super clean, custom style, cut low for the rider with good back support. The set is tapered in back but still offers a reasonable degree of passenger comfort.

Front Width- 11"
Rear Width- 6"

Baseplate Features:
Mustang offers a full line of Sportster seats that will fit models from 1958-03. All Sportster seats have a steel baseplate that is black powder coated. Baeplates feature elastic polyurethane rubber bumpers to protect the motorcycle and soften vibrations as well as carpet to protect the fender.

1996-2003 XL & all models with a 3.3 gallon tank:
The baseplate has a deep nose pocket with two nose tab mounting locations to fit either the short or long electric start frame. The rear of the seat is held down with a single bolt up through the stock fender slot. A chrome rear tab can be added. The nose of the baseplate is shortened to allow room for 3.3 gallon tank. Will also fit '83-85 XLS Roadster models.