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Mustang Solo Seat for Sportster '96-03 (& all 3.3 gallons) - Studded

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Mustang Solo Seat for Sportster '96-03 (& all 3.3 gallons) - Studded

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-Studded Solo (3.3 gallons)
Solo is trimmed with a braided edge skirt and features chrome studs and leather tied conchos. Matches thin or Standard rear seat.

Width- 12.5 "

Baseplate Features:
2004 XL solos are mounted with a single fender screw and engage at the nose. When mounting the rear seat, align spool washer on top of the solo bracket and bolt down to the fender with the supplied bolt. The front of the rear seat is slotted and engages into the spool washer. Align the rear-mounting tab to the fender and secure. Quick-Detachable Passenger Pad System.

1996-2003 XL & all models with a 3.3 gallon tank:
The baseplate has a deep nose pocket with two nose tab mounting locations to fit either the short or long electric start frame. The rear of the seat is held down with a single bolt up through the stock fender slot. A chrome rear tab can be added. The nose of the baseplate is shortened to allow room for 3.3 gallon tank. Will also fit '83-85 XLS Roadster models.

Solo & Rear Seat Combinations:
Mix and match the solos and rear seats. Choose your solo, then pick a Thin or Standard rear seat or Wide rear seat.
For solo riding, use a matching fender bib. Solos have a chrome rear tab. Rear seats have a chrome rear tab and are slotted in front to slide over the solo's mounting screw. Made in the U.S.A.