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How to Put a Slip On Exhaust on a Motorcycle

How to Put a Slip On Exhaust on a Motorcycle

Sep 1, 2020

For many V-twin cruiser bike owners, nothing beats the thrill of owning a customized bike with great sound and a stylish look. A new aftermarket exhaust can make that deep, rich sound you love and give some performance gains. If you’re planning to upgrade or replace your exhaust system, one of the easiest options is a slip-on exhaust.

Wondering how to put a slip on exhaust on a motorcycle? With a slip-on exhaust, you don’t have to worry about replacing your entire exhaust system. Here’s how to do it:

Read the Instructions Carefully

Man sitting on motorcycle looking at mountains

While installing a slip-on exhaust on your motorcycle should not be complicated, every slip-on from a manufacturer comes with specific instructions that you have to follow so that it performs the way it should. Read the factory manual and make sure you understand it. The task should be relatively simple with only a few handy tools needed for your bike upgrade

Can you put any slip on exhaust on a motorcycle? No. Some mufflers will require a muffler-to-header gasket. The installation of a new slip-on exhaust may also differ from the process of removing the existing muffler. You’ll need to pay close attention to the differences between the factory cruiser bike manual and the aftermarket exhaust manual. Don’t do any upgrades unless you’re sure about what you’re doing. 

Loosen the Exhaust Connection Joint

Motorcycle muffler

One of the first steps when learning how to put a slip on exhaust on a motorcycle is to loosen the connection joint of your exhaust system. Your slip-on muffler will connect to the header pipes in different ways. Some bikes use a spring-hood system, gasket flange, or a standard band clamp. The connection method may differ between bike makes, models, and years.

Loosen the Exhaust Muffler Bracket

Black and white photo of a motorcycle

Loosen the brackets that hold the muffler in place. These brackets may vary depending on the V-twin cruiser bike you’re working on. When loosening the brackets, make sure to adequately support the muffler, so it doesn’t strike other parts of your bike and cause damage. Make sure to keep any part you’re removing in a place you won’t lose them. 

Remove the Exhaust Muffler From the Cruiser Bike

Suzuki motorcycle

The next step in learning how to put a slip on exhaust on a motorcycle is to remove the muffler from your cruiser bike. You may have to exert a little bit of force to dislodge the slip-on from the exhaust system. Be cautious as you don’t want to damage your gaskets or cylinder head. If it’s stuck, spray WD-40 or other solution into the muffler joint, wait a few minutes, and try again.

Slide the New Slip-On Exhaust Over the Exposed Header Pipe

The back of a motorcycle

At this point, you’re now going to repeat the steps you’ve already completed, but in reverse order with one or two variations. When installing your slip-on muffler, you must proceed with caution. These header pipes come designed with precision, so any dents or damage means messing with the exhaust system. It should simply slide in with no issue. If not, check how you’re doing it. 

Secure the New Slip-On Muffler Into Place

man riding a cruiser bike

Once you’ve aligned everything into place, re-attach the flanges, springs, or gasket clamps needed to secure the muffler to the header pipe. Start with the header pipe first then proceed backward toward the muffler. One mistake that most beginners make is overtightening the parts. Check your factory service manual and the aftermarket slip-on specs to be sure.

Wipe Down the Slip-On Muffler and Check for Leaks

Two motorcycles in a room with shelves and framed pictures

You now know how to put a slip on exhaust on a motorcycle. With your new muffler installed, don’t get things started yet. First, wipe down any oil or dirt that may be on the muffler to avoid staining it the first time it gets hot. Then start your cruiser bike to enjoy that great sound and check for any exhaust fume leaks around the base of the slip-on and the top of the headers.

Shop Slip-On Exhausts at West End Motorsports

Now you’re ready to enjoy the thrill of your new slip-on mufflers, but there’s one more thing - consider your local laws on adding aftermarket exhausts. With that in mind, you should have some fun. If you’re looking for name-brand aftermarket slip-on exhausts and other motorcycle parts that you can install on your V-twin cruiser bike, shop at West End Motorsports. 

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