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Mustang Two-Piece Wide Seat for VTX1800R/S/T '02-Up -Vintage

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Mustang  Two-Piece Wide Seat  for VTX1800R/S/T '02-Up -Vintage

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Two-Piece Touring Seats -Wide Vintage

- The deeply pocketed 16" wide driver seat sits you at the ideal cruising angle.

- The 12.5" wide passenger seat utilizes Mustang's unique internal steel support wings.

- The driver's back is well supported by the nose of the passenger seat that extends forward to create a full 9" backrest.

VTX Retro Baseplate Features:
- Solo utilizes stock mounting brackets.
- Front of passenger seat has a bracket that slides into receiver on solo and secures in the rear with an 8mm bolt.
- Both solo and rear seat are built on a marine-grade fiberglass baseplate.