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Fuel Processors & Jet Kits

Aftermarket Harley-Davidson Softail Fuel Processors & Kits

A Harley Fuelpak from Vance & Hines helps you control one of the most important aspects of your motorcycle’s operation: fuel use. For some Harley enthusiasts, pumping as much gas through the engine as possible to maximize acceleration is the name of the game.

With that said, maximum fuel combustion isn’t necessarily required for top-level torque. In many cases, you can achieve the performance you desire and reduce fuel consumption at the same time. This is what the Harley Fuelpak that comes with a Harley-Davidson tuner for fuel performance lets you do.

Benefits of a Harley Fuelpak

An aftermarket Harley-Davidson tuner for fuel performance restores the fuel system to working order after modifications that affect the system have been made. The goal is to retune the fuel system for optimal performance in relation to the new upgrades.

Once your bike is up and running again, you can use the tuner to deliver the minimum amount of fuel you need to get the performance you want. The tuner can also take things in the opposite direction, supplying more gas for bikes that can translate the extra fuel into increased acceleration.

Order Your Fuelpak Today

If you’re a Harley lover who loves tweaking your bike with great aftermarket parts, installing a Harley Fuelpak from Vance & Hines that includes a Harley-Davidson tuner is one of the best performance upgrades you can make. Order today, and gain more control over how your bike uses fuel!