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TTS MasterTune BT Communications Interface for Harley Davidson Models


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TTS MasterTune BT Communications Interface for Harley Davidson Models

TTS MasterTune BT Communications Interface for Harley Davidson '02-22 Touring, '01-22 Softail, '07-22 Sportster XL, '02-17 V-Rod, '04-11 Dyna, '15-20 Street, '21-22 Sportster S, '21-22 Pan America

The TTS Bluetooth MasterTune System is designed specifically to tune Delphi-equipped Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and includes four powerful Windows®-based programs. Providing a 2-way communication between the bike’s ECM and a Windows based laptop/PC. The interface also provides stand-alone data logging for diagnostic and calibration support.

MasterTune: An ECM calibration development tool designed specifically for use on all Delphi-equipped Harley Davidson motorcycles from `01-22

 MasterTune licensing is associated with the programming interface.

  • Can be licensed to program either one or two vehicles
  •  Communications interface will “lock” to the vehicle the first time it is used for programming
  •  Choose from a wide selection of base maps
  •  Save and Restore current calibration (factory or other)
  •  Modify many critical ECM tables and constants
  •  Preset limits to prevent adjusting values beyond reasonable settings.
  •  Stores original and the last table saved edits so tuner can return to previous configuration
  •  Graph tables in 2D or 3D
  •  Quickly compare changes in tables
  •  Print table graphs and table values
  •  Supports tuning using wideband O2 sensors
  •  Correct speedometer calibration
  •  Change primary ratio

Calibration adjustments:

  •  Spark advance, front and rear
  •  Knock control
  •  Volumetric efficiency, front and rear
  •  Rev limit
  •  AE/DE fueling
  •  EITMS settings
  •  Idle speed
  •  Start/Warmup fueling
  •  Primary gearing changes
  •  Fuel injector size
  •  Engine Displacement
  •  AFR/Lambda target

DataMaster: Display and record all your bike’s data as well as various calculated channels.
This data can be viewed in real time, recorded, and played back. It can also graph in 2D or 3D lines:

  •  Records vehicle engine data while riding or stationary
  •  Retrieve, Check and Clear diagnostic codes.
  •  Stores historic and current DTC’s
  •  Playback of recorded data allowing viewing of key engine operating parameters
  •  Clear DTC’s once repair is completed
  •  Utilize VTune Histogram for tuning development
  •  View real time engine parameters
  •  Playback recorded data
  •  Analyze Camshaft settings
  •  Analyze IAC warmup settings
  •  Simulate dyno and ¼ mile results

VTune: Works with all Delphi-equipped Harley Davidson motorcycles that are equipped with O2 sensors.

VTune works by combining your current calibration with recorded data from DataMaster or Flight Recorder
and creating a new optimized calibration:

  •  One click tuning
  •  Calibrating VE tables
  •  Calibrating spark tables
  •  Calibrating EGR correction tables
  •  Verifying injector sizing

Flight Recorder: Allows for on-vehicle data recording with now attached PC.

The Flight Recorder is set up using an easy-to-follow wizard while the communications interface is attached to a computer. After setup is
complete you can collect up to 10 hours of data. After uploading data into DataMaster for playback and analysis
and used with VTune for automatic tuning:

  •  On vehicle data recording without attached computer
  •  Record as much as 10 hours of data
  •  Select from several DataMaster-compatible data streams (including VTune data)
  •  Configurable RPM at which to start recording
  •  Automatically start and stop recordings
  •  All TTS MasterTune software is compatible with 32- and 64- bit versions of Windows 7 and newer
  •  Bluetooth connection. No cables required to connect to computer
  •  Made in USA

FITMENTS: Not for Trike Models
[SKU: 2000021] '21-22 Touring '21-22 Softail '21-22 Sportster S '21-22 Pan America
[SKU: 2000020] '14-20 Touring '11-20 Softail '14-20 Sportster XL '15-20 Street
[SKU: 2000022] '02-13 Touring '01-11 Softail '07-13 Sportster '02-17 V-Rod '04-11 Dyna