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TTS MasterTune2 Single Programmer Kit for '01-21 Delphi Equipped Harley-Davidson Models

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TTS MasterTune2 Single Programmer Kit for '01-21 Delphi Equipped Harley-Davidson Models

TTS MasterTune 2

If you need more refined performance from your bike, you need the TTS MasterTune 2. Your stock Harley Delphi fuel injection system may be sufficient, but is “sufficient” really good enough? This programming kit works with your MasterTune to optimize your bike’s performance to meet fuel and exhaust specifications. It’s a great way to push your bike harder than before.

Programmed Performance

The kit works with the TTS MasterTune 2, DataMaster 2, VTune 3, or Flight Recorder to ensure that your Harley Delphi fuel injection and management system is dialed in perfectly. This single-bike programmer is designed for tuning 2001 and up model Harley bikes equipped with the Delphi system.

The kit includes an interface, all necessary firmware, and the software you need to bring it all together, making it one of the most comprehensive Harley tuning kits available. Unless you already have them, you’ll need to order 6 pin or 4 pin MasterTune cables separately.

Start Riding Better Today

We’re passionate about supplying parts Harley riders need to get the best riding experience, and the TTS MasterTune 2 programmer kit is one of the latest products we’re proud to offer. For questions about the kit, or to place an order, please call us today at 800-520-8525. Order the tuning kit you need to redefine your bike’s performance from West End Motorsports.


  • TTS MasterTune MasterTune2 Single Programmer Kit for '01-Up Delphi Equipped Harley-Davidson Models
  • MasterTune2 Single Programmer Kit (blue interface)
  • Tune one bike with this kit. Includes interface and all necessary software and firmware. Cables must be ordered separately.
  • Compatible with ALL Delphi equipped Harley-Davidson Motorcycles 2001-present.
  • Works with all TTS software products, including MasterTune 2, DataMaster 2, VTune 3, and Flight Recorder. The kit includes all of these software products on CD, and the latest versions can always be downloaded using the TTS Software Updater.

MasterTune2-HD is a Windows-based ECM calibration development tool developed and designed specifically for use on all Delphi-equipped Harley-Davidson® motorcycles from 2001 through 2018.

Key Features

  • Saves the original factory calibration automatically.
  • Easily restore the original factory calibration back into the ECM.
  • Preset limits to prevent adjusting values beyond reasonable settings.
  • Stores original and the last table saved edits so tuner can return to previous configuration.
  • Comparison functions quickly identify changed regions in tables.
  • 2-D and 3-D graphing of tables to help visualize tuning maps.
  • Ability to print table graphs and table values.
  • Supports tuning using wideband O2 sensors. Requires an analog (green) communications interface.

Some calibration adjustments include:

  • Spark Advance, front and rear
  • Knock Control
  • Volumetric Efficiency, front and rear
  • Rev Limit
  • AE/DE fueling
  • EITMS settings
  • Idle Speed
  • Start/Warmup fueling
  • Primary Gearing changes
  • Fuel Injector size
  • Engine Displacement
  • AFR/Lambda Target
  • NOTE: Not all features are available in all calibrations.

Fitments: Harley-Davidson FLH, FLT '02-21
Harley-Davidson FXD '04-17
Harley-Davidson FXST, FLST '01-21
Harley-Davidson VRSC '02-17
Harley-Davidson XG15-20
Harley-Davidson XL 07-21

Not for Trike or models with traction control

 DISCLAIMER: Not legal for sale or use in California on any pollution controlled motor vehicles.