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Cobra 4 inch NH Series Dual Cut Slip On Muffler for '18-Up Harley Davidson Softail Sport Glide Models - Chrome

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Cobra 4 inch NH Series Dual Cut Slip On Muffler for '18-Up Harley Davidson Softail Sport Glide Models - Chrome

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Do you know what the NH stands for? It stands for "Neighbor Hater". The name says it all! This slip on muffler from Cobra delivers a loud and aggressive tone that Cobra is famous for. The NH exhaust class from Cobra means it's a bit louder than their standard offerings.

The NH series produces a deep throaty rumble with all of the roar! It has the same sound as their original Neighbor Hater, but in a more sophisticated design. The Cobra 4 inch NH Series Dual Cut Slip On Muffler for 2018-Up Harley Davidson Softail Sport Glide Models has a machined, dual-cut tip that gives this muffler a high-class look to match its kick ass tone. Available in chrome or black with black tip.


  • Classic 4 inch styling
  • Machined aluminum tip
  • Aggressive sound
  • No catalytic converter
  • Available in chrome and black
  • Sold Each
  • Made In USA
  • Cobra NH Series Dual Cut Slip On Muffler for 2018-Up Harley Davidson Softail Sport Glide Models - Chrome [SKU# 6521]

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