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Rinehart MotoPro45 4.5 inch Slip On Mufflers for '95-16 Harley Davidson Touring Models [Choose Muffler and End Cap Finish]

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Rinehart Racing  4.5 inch Slip On Mufflers for '95-16 Harley Davidson Touring Models - Chrome with Black End Caps [500-0108]

Rinehart Racing 4.5 inch Slip-On Mufflers for '95-16 Harley-Davidson Touring Models 

Rinehart Racing's MotoPro 45 Slip-On Exhaust cranks out unparalleled performance for Evo and Twin Cam engines!

The look and sound of these badboys will customize your ride with style and traditional rumble.

With a beefy 4.5 inch muffler body and Rinehart's proprietary Hi-Flo baffles inside, the MotoPro 45 Slip-On Mufflers have an unmistakable heart-pounding sound that will let others know you're coming.

Available in chrome or black with the option of a chrome or black end cap, these slip-on mufflers compliment any Harley touring bike, giving your ride the rumble it needs and deserves.

The MotoPro 4.5 inch Slip-On Mufflers are a direct replacement for the OEM mufflers. Simply bolt on the MotoPro 45’s and go riding.

  • Deep, thunderous Slip On Mufflers are here from the world's premier exhaust manufacturer.
  • Rinehart offers their signature performance and sound in these 4.5 inch mufflers.
  • Lush, rich chrome or high temp black muffler bodies finished off with Rinehart Signature end caps. 

50 State Legal Certified EPA & CARB Compliant Emissions Tested

Chrome Mufflers
500-0108 Chrome with Black MotoPro End Caps $749.95
500-0108C  Chrome with Chrome MotoPro End Caps  $749.95
500-0108T Chrome with Black Traditional End Caps  $719.95





Black Mufflers
500-0109 Black with Black MotoPro End Caps  $789.95
500-0109C Black with Chrome MotoPro End Caps $789.95
500-0109T Black with Black Traditional End Caps $759.95


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