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Mike's Bike: 2017-2018 Slip On Muffler Reviews and Sound Comparisons

Mike's Bike: 2017-2018 Slip On Muffler Reviews and Sound Comparisons

Posted by Wiley Moody on Dec 11, 2017

They say, success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Our repeated installation of all the top brands on slip on mufflers on our 2017 FLHX for your video review can attest to that. Click here to see our videos.

Starting with testing the top brand mufflers on stock headers, we installed these systems for the customer who was only changing mufflers and wasn't looking for any type of performance gains, just sound. Then we went back to the garage and installed a set of RCX Tormentor Performance Headers with built in Power Chamber [SKU: RCX310C] and re-installed all of the previous mufflers so you could hear the difference. And what a difference it made! All of the slip on muffler's we tried sounded so much louder, fuller, and richer than before when the catalytic converter was eliminated. Not to mention the performance gains.

Vance & Hines FP3 Autotuner

Our goal was to offer solid information so you the consumer can make an informed decision about what system you want to invest in. Crank up your computer's volume control and get a good idea of the different tonal characteristic that each system produces. We highly encourage you to install these systems yourself and can offer any technical information you require. It just takes a little time and patients and basic hand tools. Cam installations should be done by a qualified mechanic.

We installed a few other performance items to our bike to also help with the sound. We wanted to be able to tune for any system we bolted on, so we installed the Vance & Hines FP3 Autotuner [SKU: 66005]. Besides being able to tune any engine modifications under the sun, the tuner also let us drop the idle down to 900 RPM for the nice deep potato potato potato rumble we desire out of a big twin. 

fuelpak fp3 easy guide to install

Another performance item we included was the S&S 465C Cam Kit [SKU: 330-0620] with theQuickee Pushrod Kit [SKU: 930-0123] for a speedy install.The cam gave the bike a nice "lope" while idling and a really nice jump in mid range torque and horsepower, where you really need it.

Chain drive camshaft kit

Besides fuel and spark, the bike wanted more air. So we went with the Trask Assault High Flow Air Cleaner Kit [SKU: 1010-2151] because of it's performance benefits and it looks really wicked! All of these components work really well together and offer the things you really want; Nice deep rumble, a jump in performance, reduction of heat.

Harley Davidson air cleaner kit

Check out Mike's Bike for a list and a opportunity to purchase the exact set up discussed above. You main choice is what slip on muffler looks and sounds the best to you. We put it all into one package so we've done all the work for you.

Mike's Bike flyer with black Harley Davidson