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Penn Steel Works Rebellion 3 in 1 Slip Ons for Harley Touring - Sound ONLY


We're working our tails off to bring you more content while you're home killing time under quarrantine! Check out these brand new Penn Steel Works Rebellion Slip on Mufflers! Made from quality parts from the best companies in the industry these are pipes are the perfect option for the first time pipe buyer. Three sound choices in one pipe (ALL INCLUDED IN ONE PRICE). Whether you're looking for Mellow, Mild, or Wild they have you covered. Beautiful Black or Chrome tips and fitment for all Harley Touring models from 1995-2020. There's an option for every sound preference and it takes minutes to swap the inserts out while on the bike. As always feel free to call or e mail any questions! 570-992-1113 or


SVT Boneshakers (Gen 3) vs. SVT Jackhammers - Harley Touring Models

Having trouble deciding between the SVT Boneshakers and their Jackhammers? With this video we'll take the guess work out of the equation for you. Keep in mind the Boneshakers perform slightly better and the Jackhammers are slightly louder. Other than that both are the same price so you can pick mufflers that you think sound the best. The sound is a little off on this one, we're working on a better version, but we have so many people ask us for a comparison that we wanted to get this out right away. The bike is equipped with RCX Tormentor Headers and has a S&S 465C Cam installed. As always feel free to ask any questions; or call 1-800-520-8525.

Click here for SVT Jackhammers

Click here for SVT Boneshakers


SVT Boneshakers GEN 3 for Harley Touring models - Sound Only

Hard to believe it, but the boys down at SVT have made an improvement to the sound and performance of the Boneshakers. Check out the crisp clean sound of new Gen 3 Boneshakers on the M Eight Touring bikes and get them ordered before your riding buddies do! Links to purchase are below. If you have any additional questions please feel free to e mail or call, or 1-800-520-8525.


SVT Jackhammer Slip On Mufflers For Harley Touring Models - Sound Only

Here's a cleaned up version of ground pounding, road rumbling, seat shaking Jackhammers from the boys at SVT. They need no further introduction, so enjoy! (If you have any sound issues please let us know!)


Rinehart Racing DBX 4.5" Slip On Mufflers for HD M8 Touring Models - SOUND ONLY

Check out the new rowdy DBX mufflers from Rinehart Racing in their pure unadulterated form. If you're interested in hearing our review please search our Sound & Review videos. For the rest of you, this video was made to be played over and over again and hopefully helps you make a decision on your new pipes. Installed on our 2017 Street Glide with RCX Tormentor Heads and S&S 465C cam. If you have any questions or would like to order please don't hesitate to reach out! or 1-800-520-8525

Buy Rinehart DBX45 Slip On Mufflers Here


Drag Specialties 4.0" Slip Ons - Sound & Review

Take a look at the best performing value muffler on the market. At a price lower than almost all the competition and a dyno sheet that beats almost everyone else, these are the perfect pipes someone looking for a deep rumble, great performance, and an outrageous price. As always, call us with any questions at 1-800-520-8525 or!

Buy Drag Specialties 4" Slip On Mufflers Now



SVT Jackhammers - Sound & Review

If you love the SVT Boneshakers, but want to take them to the next level, look no further. The SVT Jackhammers throw caution to the wind and offer you an extremely aggressive sound along with one of the best sounds at idle on the market. As always please feel free to ask any questions, 1-800-520-8525 or

Buy Jackhammers Now



Rinehart DBX 4.5" Slip Ons w/Aftermarket Headers - Sound & Review

Check out the brand new Rinehart DBX 4.5s on our Milwaukee 8 Street Glide. They remind us of the old school Rineharts that helped them make their name back when we first started. They're aggressive, clean, but still nasty. If you had Rineharts on your Twin Cam and want that sound again, these are the way to go. Also, if you have the other Rineharts for the M8 bikes and they just don't have enough volume for your taste, the DBX's will take care of that for you. As always if you have any other questions please contact us, 1-800-520-8525 or

Buy Rinehart DBX Now


TAB Performance 4.5 Slip On Mufflers w/ Zombie Baffle - Sound & Review

Mike @ West End Motorsports is back with our first new sound and review in quite a while. Here you can check out the TAB 4.5s with their Zombie Baffle. These have already become one of our best sellers and you'll see why! If you're looking to get the most volume out of your Milwaukee 8 and want a high quality 4.5" Slip on, then your search is over. If you have any questions at all please call or e mail us or just purchase them right from the links below. or 570-992-1113

Buy TAN 4.5 Chrome  Buy TAB 4.5 Black 


Bassani 4" DNT Slip Ons - Sound Only

Hear just how deep and throaty the Bassani DNT's sound our Harley Davidson Street Glide with the Milwaukee 8 engine couple with the RCX Tormentor headers and an S&S 465c cam. If you're looking for our breakdown, please look through our Sound & Review videos. As always please contact us directly to order or with any questions, 1-570-992-1113 or Link to purchase are below and please subscribe so you're notified when new videos are updated!

Buy Chrome DNT's:  Buy Black DNT's:


RCX 4.5" Slip Ons - Sound Only

Hear the RCX 4.5" slip ons and judge the sound for yourself! One of the most aggressive 4.5s and the most end cap options on the market make the RCX 4.5's one of our overall best sellers. In this video they are paired with the RCX Tormentor headers and we also have the S&S 465C cam installed. Links to purchase are below. As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or e mail us! 1-570-992-1113 or

Rinehart 4" Slip ons for Harley Touring - Sound Only

For those of you who just want the pipe, here's a clip of the perennial classic Rinehart 4" slip on mufflers on our 2017 Harley Street Glide. The bike also has RCX Tormentor headpipes and an S&S 465C cam. As always links to purchase are below and if you have any questions at all you can call or e mail - 570-992-1113

TAB slip on for Harley Touring w/ Zombie Baffles - Sound Only

For those of you who just want to hear the raw sound of the TAB BAM sticks with Zombie Baffles, here you go! These are on our 2017 Street Glide. The bike also has aftermarket headers (RCX Tormentors) and an S&S 465C Cam. Links to purchase are below and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, 570-992-1113 or
Click here to buy TAB Performance BAM Sticks


Harley Touring 2-1 Exhaust Comparison - Dyno Runs & Review

Mike @ shows you some dyno runs and then breaks down the performance metrics of 6 different 2-1 exhaust pipes for Harley Milwaukee 8 Touring models. Links to purchase these pipes are below (except D&D). If you have time please stick through the reviews and don't just take the overall numbers without the context. As always please e mail or call with any questions, 570-992-1113 or


Top 5 Best Selling Slip on Mufflers - Harley Davidson Touring

Check out's top 5 best selling slip on mufflers for Harley Touring models. This list is based on our 2018 sales and links to purchase each mufflers can be found in the description below. Each set of slip-ons in this video is installed on a 2017 Street Glide, with Milwaukee 8 motor and RCX Tormentor headers, as well as an intake and S&S 465C Cam.

Please note we are well aware that the the right side mufflers are loose a few videos. Unless it's the last set of mufflers for the day we generally don't bother clamping all the way. As always please feel free to reach out with an questions. 570-992-1113 or


Top 10 Best Selling Slip on Mufflers - Harley Davidson Touring

We counted all the beans and here are our best selling slip ons for 2018. Please subscribe and checkout the videos we did for each individual set of mufflers on our channel page, if you're interested of course! Links to purchase all mufflers are below.     

#10 Rush Big Louie Slip On Mufflers
#9 Rinehart 4" Slip On Mufflers
#8 Bassani DNT Slip On Mufflers
#7 Rinehart 4.5" Slip On Mufflers
#6 RCX 4"  Slip On Mufflers
#5 RCX 4.5" Slip On Mufflers
#4 S&S MK45  Slip On Mufflers
#3 Cobra Neighbor Haters Slip On Mufflers
#2 SVT Boneshakers Slip On Mufflers
#1 TAB w/Zombie Baffles Slip On Mufflers


SVT Boneshaker Slip Ons for Harley Touring Models - Dyno Run & Performance Summary

In this video we run the SVT Boneshakers on the Dyno to see how they stack up and the results were much better than expected. Generally we expect an open loud muffler like these to rob some power, but that was not the case. After the early dip we're seeing with almost all mufflers, they take off and maintain a really smooth power curve staying way above that 110 ft lbs. mark throughout our usable power range. As always please subscribe and don't hesitate to call or e mail with any questions; or 1-800-520-8525. If you would like to order these and have them professionally installed and tuned by the Master Himself, Dyno Dave please call us first so that it can be arranged! BUY THEM HERE:


Magnaflow Hitman 4.5" Slip Ons for Harley Touring - Dyno Run & Summary

Thanks to our friend Dyno Dave at JD's Cycle works we have another dyno video for you. Please contact us directly with any questions and if you're interested in having Dave Dyno your bike, we'll get in touch with him for you. Check out the Magnaflow Hitman 4.5" Slip Ons on our Harley Street Glide with Milwaukee 8 motor. We give you the break down between stock and our current set up plus explain where these pipes perform and where they don't. As always it's our goal to give you ever possible piece of information we possible can to help you choose the right part the first time. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-520-8525 or Like and subscribe, because we have a ton more videos coming your way!

Buy Black Hitman 4.5" Here


TAB Performance Mufflers with Zombie Baffles for Harley Touring- Dyno Run & Summary

Check out how the TAB Performance mufflers with Zombie baffles perform on our 2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide. Mike shows you our final dyno runs and explains the results. We were really surprised with the bottom end gains and overall consistent performance of these mufflers, especially considering the Zombie baffle is pretty much wide open which makes them super loud. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or e mail, or 1-800-520-8525. Buy Mufflers Here> Buy all of the parts used in this video Here>

line.gif PROMO


Dyno Tuning Basics - Explaining Performance, Power, and Torque for Harley Touring Bikes

Welcome to the introduction to our Dyno Video Series. In this video we do a preliminary "explainer" and over view of our Dyno returns from TAB Performance, SVT Boneshakers, RCX, Rinehart, Magnaflow, S&S, Crusher, D&D, Cobra and more!


Vance & Hines Slip On Sound & Review - 2018 Softails w/ Milwaukee 8

Check out the sound of these Vance and Hines slips on mufflers on a 2018 Softail Breakout. They're a quick and inexpensive way to get your new Softail sounding the way it ought to. As always call or e mail us with any questions at all! 1-800-520-8525 or

Shop Vance & Hines Twin Slash Slip On's  for 2018 Softail Here> Shop more Vance & Hines Exhaust for 2018 Softail's Here>


Ride Along - Episode 2

Ride along the back roads with Mike and listen to him talk about the differences between the HD Stage 4 kit your dealer is trying to sell you on and some other (much cheaper) options. Please send in any questions you'd like to see us answer to If we use your questions we'll send you a T Shirt.


Milwaukee 8 Softail Slip On Sound & Review - RCX 3"

Check out the new RCX Slips ons for the Milwaukee 8 Softails. When ordering be sure to select your model of Softail, because there are a few different fitments for the 2018s. Smooth Sound, beautiful tips, and attention to detail sums up these ultra clean slips ons for Breakout, Street Bob, Lowrider, Fatboy, and Slim. If you have any questions please reach out: or 1-800-520-8525.

Shop RCX 3" Slip On's for M8 Softails Here>





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