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Dead Motorcycle Battery Symptoms & How to Fix Them

Dead Motorcycle Battery Symptoms & How to Fix Them

Posted by Wiley Moody on Aug 3, 2020

It’s another great day ahead, and you have plans on your custom V-twin cruiser bike. You go out to your bike, try to get it started, and… nothing. So, what’s the problem? You might be looking at a dead motorcycle battery that may have gone flat and needs a recharge, a bad motorcycle battery, or another issue that’s going on.

Failure to conduct simple checks and inspect your bike regularly may have landed you in such a situation. Here, we look at some dead motorcycle battery symptoms and how you can fix them.

Starting Problems

If it’s taking a longer time than usual for your motorcycle to start, your battery may be the problem. It may need recharging, but it could also be an indicator of more issues to come, and the final solution may be replacing the battery. A faulty or dead motorcycle battery is the first likely culprit if your bike won’t ignite. Inspect your battery to rule out any problems before troubleshooting other areas of your  V-twin cruiser bike.

Uncertain Multimeter Readings

One of the first steps when diagnosing motorcycle battery problems is testing it with a multimeter or voltmeter. If there’s no voltage, you have a bad battery that needs replacement. Use the multimeter to check the different electrical parameters of your bike, like current, resistance, and voltage. If readings are below 12 volts, something’s wrong with your battery. Uncertain readings also indicate an issue. Check your battery regularly with a multimeter.

Corroded or Broken Battery Terminals

If you suspect you have a dead motorcycle battery, look at your battery terminals. If they’re badly corroded, this can cause your battery to malfunction. Cleaning the terminals may resolve the problem. However, if the terminals are broken, you need to replace the battery. Part of  regular motorcycle maintenance includes regularly inspecting your battery’s condition.

Cracks or Bulges in the Battery Casing and Leaking

A bulging motorcycle battery is an indicator of the build-up of chemical gas inside the battery, which is due to oxidation. That means the battery is being overcharged - it could mean the battery itself is bad or the charging system is overcharging. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to replace your battery. Look out for any battery acid leaks, as this indicates severe oxidation inside the battery. Replace a leaking battery immediately for your safety.

Failing Lights and Horns

Other symptoms of a dead motorcycle battery are failing or dimming lights and fading horns. This happens when these key components don’t get sufficient power from the battery. A failure of either of these when riding your bike can be dangerous. If you start noticing your lights are no longer as bright as before or your horn is fading, inspect your battery.

Aging Battery

dead motorcycle battery

Every motorcycle battery has a lifespan. The older it gets, the higher the chances of it failing. Most batteries last between four and five years and, after that, they may start showing signs of failure like incomplete recharge, fast discharge, and bad voltmeter readings. Keep tabs of your battery’s age and replace it when it starts disappointing you.

Fixing Dead Motorcycle Battery Symptoms

Now that you know the common dead motorcycle battery symptoms, it’s time to understand how to avoid them and fix them. First, identify the cause of the battery failure or malfunction by visually inspecting it and looking out for the above symptoms and aging. Then use a battery tester to become aware of the state of your battery. This way, you can identify and fix your battery problems. Choose a quality replacement battery from a reputable brand.

Enjoy Your Customize V-Twin Cruiser

After replacing your dead motorcycle battery, make sure to also check other bike parts like your brakes, the condition of your tires, oil levels, lights, and engine performance. Keeping your bike in good condition ensures longer service life and more enjoyable rides. You can also customize the look, sound, and performance of your V-twin cruiser bike with aftermarket upgrades like  fairings, a new performance exhaust system, and a more comfortable seat.

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