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Best American Motorcycles

Best American Motorcycles

Sep 24, 2019

American motorcycles have become indelibly associated with their unique design and manufacture. And true to that, these motorcycles, cruiser bikes like the Harley Davidson and the iconic Indian, as well as superbikes like the Motus MSTR have over the years become world-beaters. In fact, there’s a special connection between riding enthusiasts and the unique experience of hitting the road with the best American motorcycles.

Here, we’re going to look at a list of American motorcycles - both cruisers bikes and sports bikes that define the true American riding culture.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob

There are many amazing Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the all-new Harley-Davidson Street Bob is one of the American bikes with a big following. Equipped with the all-powerful and Milwaukee-8 1,753cc V-twin engine that is capable of 110 lb-ft, the Street Bob comes wrapped in a lighter chassis that comes with a sportier edge and more aggressive lean angles. The bike is light on its feet and comes with a mix of classic and modern styling.

The Indian Scout Bobber

The Indian Scout Bobber is one of the best American motorcycles in the cruiser motorcycle category. The bike takes the classic Scout cruiser line and elevates it to a whole new level. Powered by a 1,133 cc v-twin engine that produces 100 hp and 72 lb-ft at 6000 rpm, the Bobber is a cool-looking cruiser with aggressive styling. The suspension is lower and the footpegs positioned in a sportier position for visually stunning road presence.

The Victory 8-Ball

Although Victory closed its doors in 2017, their motorcycles still live on to be favorites among cruiser enthusiasts who want something out of the ordinary in the market. The 8-Ball model is the most popular to-date. Powered by a giant 1,737 cc v-twin engine that boats of 97 hp and 113 lb-ft of torque, this bike is a fan favorite thanks to a powerful engine, smooth transmission, 21-inch Stingray front wheel, and aesthetic and minimalist style.

Harley Davidson FXDC Dyna Super Glide

The Harley Davidson Dyna range boasts of one of the best American cruiser motorcycles and makes the list of unsung heroes in the Harley collection. The Dyna Super Glide Custom is your basic V-twin with nothing fancy like some models in the Scout range. With some nice classic styling and a lightweight build at 683lbs, the Super Glide rides well with a V-twin engine that handles remarkably well than you would expect. Tons of upgrades are available for this bike.

Indian FTR 1200

Since the brand’s relaunch in 2013, Indian has come a long way to build traditional-style cruisers that offer a classic riding experience. Their new cruisers are sportier and look more stunning. The FTR 1200 is based on the brand’s off-road FTR750 dirt track racer 1200 S and comes with a 1,203cc V-twin engine that produces 120 hp. The bike comes with a 43mm inverted front fork, big Brembo brakes, and an adjustable mono-shock rear suspension.

Harley Davidson Sportster

In the standard class of Harley Davidson’s, these classic machines have been made continuously since 1957. For taking the scenic route, this is the bike of choice for most. The 1200cc V-twin engine gives you the control and torque for smooth street riding. And no other bike looks or sounds like the Sportster. For a bike that takes you bike and moves you down the road, you can’t beat the Sporster.

Harley Davidson Street Glide

This hot rod bagger has a high-performance suspension and a Milwaukee-Eight® 107 engine for a ride you can’t match. Priced to buy, the Street Glide has a fork-mounted fairing and an air-cooled V-twin engine that will give you the touring experience you’re looking for. For a similar motorbike, check out the Indian Chieftain.

Indian Chieftain

The Indian Motorcycle Company took over the manufacturing of the Hendee Manufacturing Company in 1953. Hendee started manufacturing bikes beginning in 1922, making Indian bikes as classic as they come. But a lot has changed in almost 100 years. Now the Chieftain comes in three modes: Tour, Standard, and Sport. The 1811cc V-twin has a clean rev to get you out on the wide road.

Customize Your Motorcycle Today

Whether you love the street-appeal of the true American cruiser bikes or the raw performance and speed of unique sports bikes, West End Motorsports brings you a variety of customizable parts and accessories like slip-on exhaust systems, windshields, and seats so you can personalize the look, style, and comfort of your motorcycle.

For more from our blog, read about classic American motorcycles. If you have any questions about parts and accessories for the best American motorcycles on the market or want to place orders, don’t hesitate to contact us now.