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9 Motorcycle Tools to Bring on Your Road Trip

9 Motorcycle Tools to Bring on Your Road Trip

May 18, 2022

If you're like most cruiser motorcycle riders, you love taking road trips. There's just something about hitting the open road that is incredibly liberating. But before you go, there are a few things you should pack to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Not having the right motorcycle tools can put a damper on your trip and even be dangerous. 

Here are nine must-have tools you should always bring on your motorcycle trip.

1. Multi-Tool Set

If you're planning a motorcycle road trip, you'll want to make sure you have all the right tools with you. A multi-tool set is essential for any kind of small repairs or mechanical work that may be needed during the trip. For instance, you may encounter a loose screw or a malfunctioning part. Having a good multi-tool set on hand will help you fix these kinds of problems quickly and easily.

It's always better to be prepared with the right tools, just in case. Here are some of the motorcycle tools that you should bring in your multi-tool set kit.

  • Allen wrench set
  • Pliers
  • Ratchet wrench set
  • Screwdriver set
  • Socket wrench set
  • Spare spark plugs
  • Extra fuses
  • Swiss army knife

There are different types of multi-tool sets available, so be sure to choose one that has all the tools you need. You can find sets that come with a case or bag, which is convenient for packing and carrying. When choosing a multi-tool set, make sure it's durable and of good quality. A cheap set of tools is not worth the risk, especially if you're relying on them to make repairs while on the road.

2. Tire Pressure Gauge and Flat Tire Repair Kit 

Checking your tire pressure is one of the most important things for your motorcycle. Having the right tire pressure not only helps with fuel economy but also prevents flats and blowouts. A tire pressure gauge is an essential motorcycle tool to have on any motorcycle trip. Flat tires are inevitable, especially when riding on backroads and for long distances. 

Having a flat tire repair kit can save you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere. A good flat tire repair kit will have all the tools you need to fix a flat, including a tire pressure gauge, tire plugs, and an air compressor. Get a high-quality portable air compressor that can plug into your motorcycle’s battery. This will make it easy to inflate your tires, even if you have a flat.

3. LED Flashlight

One of the most important motorcycle tools you can bring on your road trip is a LED flashlight. This will come in handy if you have to change a tire at night or if your bike breaks down and you need to flag down a passing car. Get a headlight that attaches to your helmet. This will free up your hands while you're riding and allow you to see better in the dark. Test it before leaving for your trip, so you know it works properly.

You may not be planning to ride at night, but delays or unforeseen events could pop up, and you don't want to be caught without a working flashlight. For instance, weather conditions could force you to change your plans and ride at night. A flashlight will also come in handy when working around the nooks and crannies of your motorcycle. Make sure your flashlight is fully charged before you leave on your trip. You never know when you might need it. 

4. GPS & Emergency Communicator

Another vital motorcycle tool is a GPS device. If you're planning on doing any off-the-beaten-path rides or simply heading to a location you're not familiar with, a GPS is an invaluable asset that can help you find your way around and ensure you don't get lost. An emergency communicator is also a good idea in case of breakdowns or accidents–here’s what to do after an accident. Your smartphone can serve as both of these things.

However, there are also standalone devices that are designed specifically for motorcycles. When you consider that one of the biggest risks of motorcycle riding is being stranded somewhere without help, having a way to call for assistance can be a real life-saver. Whichever route you go, make sure your GPS and emergency communication device are fully charged before heading out on your motorcycle trip. 

5. Portable Charger 

A high-power portable charger is also one of the vital motorcycle tools you should have on a long road trip. This will ensure that your phone stays charged in case you need to use it for GPS navigation or emergencies. A power bank with at least 10000mAh capacity should suffice. Make sure to bring along a USB cable so you can charge your phone on the go. 

If you don’t have a portable charger, you can also consider buying a small solar charger. Either way, it’s always good to have a backup plan in case your phone and other devices like your travel camera runs out of juice. Having that extra power source for your powered devices and motorcycle tools gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on enjoying the ride. 

6. Bungee Cords for Strapping Cargo

You can find these at any hardware store, and they’re great for strapping down gear on your motorcycle. Be sure to get the big, heavy-duty ones, as they’re less likely to snap when you’re on the road. You may not be planning to buy some stuff along the way, but it’s always good to be prepared. Additionally, your saddlebags may not be sufficient to hold everything you need, so these can come in handy.

For instance, during your road trip, you may want to stop by some thrift shops and pick up some souvenirs or clothes. If that’s the case, you can use the bungee cords to strap them onto your motorcycle. Just make sure that everything is secure and won’t fall off while you’re riding your cruiser bike. 

7. First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is a must-have motorcycle tool for any road trip. You never know when you or a fellow rider might need it. Include items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and burn cream. Accidents, no matter how minor, can happen at any time, making it essential to be prepared. You don't want to be caught without a first-aid kit when you've sustained an injury.

8. Motorcycle Lock

Of course, you'll be making a few stops during your road trip. To make sure your motorcycle is secure, you'll want to bring along a good lock. A disc lock is a great option because it's small and easy to carry but will still deter would-be thieves. A cable lock is another good option and can be used in conjunction with a disc lock for extra security.

9. Tool Kit Organizer

ratchet and sockets

Motorcycle tools can be tricky to keep track of. You need to have them with you on the road, but you also don't want them taking up too much space. A tool kit organizer is a great way to keep everything organized and in one place. Get a small and compact organizer that easily fits into your saddlebags or storage compartment. Only carry what's essential and leave the rest at home.

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