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What to Do If You've Been In a Motorcycle Accident

What to Do If You've Been In a Motorcycle Accident

Oct 14, 2021

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most dangerous kinds of accidents that can happen to a rider. When you're on a motorcycle, the potential for serious injury is much higher than in other types of vehicles. Perhaps, you’re wondering what to do after a motorcycle accident. Your first instinct might be to panic or call 911. However, there are some things you can do apart from calling for help immediately after an accident. You should also know what to expect after a motorcycle accident.

Here are some things you should do: 

Stay Calm

It's important not to make any hasty decisions after an accident because they could have unintended consequences later on. Try to stay as calm as possible and make sure you follow the next steps carefully. Remember that you're most likely in shock, so you may not be thinking as clearly as normal. Take a moment to take a deep breath and relax. Then call for help to get you and your bike out of the road if it's been involved in a crash.

Check Yourself and the Other Person for Injuries

Like many people in their first accident, you might wonder what to do after a motorcycle accident, but if you're able to, the first thing that you need to do is check yourself and the other person for injuries. If someone else has been injured in your motorcycle accident, then it's important to stay on the scene until emergency personnel arrive. Remember not to leave before police permit you or if they don't show up within 30 minutes of receiving a call.

Document What Happened as Soon as Possible

Document the accident scene and your injuries by taking pictures and getting contact information from witnesses. Get every detail you can to ensure nothing gets lost. Don't move your motorcycle until police have arrived to conduct an investigation of what happened. With the documented evidence, a motorcycle accident attorney will advise on what steps are necessary and what to do after a motorcycle accident involving injuries.

Move to a Safe Place if You're in Traffic or in a Busy Road

One of the first questions people usually have is what to do if they're on a busy road or highway with vehicles going by at high speeds. If you can't wait for help where you are, then moving out of traffic and into a safer location would be ideal. The next thing that you should do is call for help. When calling, be sure to provide the police with your location and estimation of where you are in relation to it so that they can find you easily.

Get Medical Attention Right Away

Doctor with a stethoscope

Still contemplating what to do after a motorcycle accident? Well, if you've been injured, go to the hospital right away. Of course, you'll first have to record a statement with the police at the accident scene before living. Remember that even if injuries seem minor, you should get checked out by a doctor. You may need stitches, X-rays, tissue damage repaired, physical therapy, and more. You can't afford to wait around at home hoping for things to feel better in the morning when they could actually be worse off. 

Always Have the Right Gear When Riding Your Bike

You might never know what to expect on the road and after a motorcycle accident? So, always be prepared and have the right gear when riding your bike. The last thing you want is not to be protected in case of an accident. Always wear a helmet and make sure that it's properly secured. This might save your life. Also, wear clothing that covers most of your skin: boots, gloves, and pants along with long sleeves can be extremely helpful and can save you from serious injuries.

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