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S100 Engine Brightener

SKU: SM-19200A


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S100 Engine Brightener

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• S100 Engine Brightener: Got a bike with a black engine that just isn’t so black anymore?

• Bikers like you told us they needed special help in this area and we listened!

• Our S100 Engine Brightener can take a tired, greyed-out engine and make it look almost factory-new again!

• Just clean the engine and dry, then spray on our temperature stable S100 Engine Brightener

• Use the handy misting spray nozzle (an industry exclusive) to get into the cooling fins and crannies without over-applying

• That factory black look comes back and lasts for miles and miles and holds up to a bunch of washes, too

• Friends will think you replaced the engine!

• 4.5 oz. can