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S100 Detail & Wax

SKU: SM-18400A


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S100 Detail & Wax

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• S100 Detail + Wax: OK, we know there are some times when your bike isn’t really that filthy, maybe just a bit dusty, rain-spotted or covered with bugs

• We’ve got something for that, too. S100 Detail + Wax removes that dust, those spots, and the bug residue

• And its unique carnauba and beeswax ingredients replace them with a “gangbusters” shine

• Just think of it as a wash and wax in one! It's easy to use, too

• Just spray a bit on a soft cloth or onto the bike's surface and rub to a high gloss

• Pack a can in the saddlebag and you're ready for a dusty road or that surprise rain shower

• No wonder an independent test rated S100 Detail + Wax “... the most consistent performer of all”

• 10 oz. can