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National Cycle Rear Fender Tip/Trim for C90 '05-09

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National Cycle Rear Fender Tip/Trim for C90 '05-09

Every Tip Is Expertly Crafted To Fit Your Fender

- National Cycle has painstakingly refined it's original, legendary, patented 1940's Hallmark Product design, for today's cruisers

- No stamping here-- The time-honored method of casting (pouring hot metal into a custom mold) has allowed National Cycle to create complex and dimensional designs

- Attaches easily with a hidden screw mount

Note: Please keep in mind that these fender tips are made in a different custom mold for each model bike. The tip pictured may differ slightly in design from the tip for your bike model.

Coordinating Front Fender Tips are also available: [Part Number 55-2746]