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Mustang Two-Piece Wide Touring Seat for V-Star 1300 '07-Up-Studded

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Mustang  Two-Piece Wide Touring Seat  for V-Star 1300 '07-Up-Studded

Mustang Motorcycle Products Inc.
"America's Choice for Comfort" since 1980

• All Mustang seats are custom molded from the best controlled density foam available— Formulated and cast to be soft enough for comfort and resilient enough to stand up to those 'thousand-mile' days Mustang seats are known for retaining their shape and support after years of use

• All covers are individually sewn, designed and cut from the highest quality expanded vinyl— They have the appearance of black leather but the durability and resistance to the elements that exceeds original equipment standards

Wide Touring Seats— The Most Comfortable Seat Available
• Mustang's engineers have designed the V Star seat to close tolerances for a perfectly tight fit, yet it is removed with a simple twist of the stock key latch

• The driver sits comfortably in a wide, deeply pocketed, amply supported 'bucket' seat

• The bucket is trimmed with a braided edge 'skirt' that comes down over the frame and fender for a clean, uninterrupted look

• The passenger also sits comfortably on a full, wide pillion that is internally supported by unique steel support wings to hold up the entire width of the foam without any sagging edges

• The rear seat extends forward slightly over the driver's bucket for additional driver back support

• Studded seats feature plated brass, decorative studs (they'll never rust!) and custom, heavy die cast, conchos that are hand-tied with genuine leather straps

Front Width: 17"
Rear Width: 12"

Baseplate Features:
• All seats are built on 16 gauge formed steel baseplates that are black epoxy powder coated on both sides for complete rust proofing (Any exposed brackets are bright chrome plated)

• Carpeting and strategically placed polyurethane rubber bumpers are riveted to the baseplates to prevent it from scratching the frame and fender (Rubber bumpers also help minimize vibration)

• The edges of all baseplates have a steel reinforced, impact absorbing vinyl edge trim to protect the seat cover

Each seat is handmade in the U.S.A

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