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The right Indian Chieftain exhaust makes all the difference. A premium exhaust for your Indian Chieftain makes your bike sound powerful, while keeping just the right pressure on the engine to ensure you get optimal performance. You’ll experience a better ride, better gas-mileage, and turn heads with the rumbling exhaust sound you love. It’s time you had the ride you’ve been dreaming of.

Premium Exhaust Performance

Our Indian Chieftain exhaust systems are high-quality, durable exhaust upgrades. These exhausts have been selected to give your bike an awesome sound, and the performance to go with it.

Every exhaust for Indian Chieftain bikes we offer must meet the high standards of the manufacturer, as well as our own. Choose the exhaust that offers the look and sound you want, and feel confident that you’re selecting an ultra high-quality component that has a perfect fitment.

Ride Like You Mean It

You never forget the first time you see a customized Indian motorcycle motoring down the road - and it’s even more memorable to ride your own. To get your new Indian Chieftain exhaust, order direct from our online store, or call us at 800-520-8525. Our product specialists are here to answer questions, and help you choose the perfect option for optimizing your exhaust.