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Fuel Processors & Jet Kits

For Performance Exhaust Systems

When you install a new exhaust system, the airflow through your engine changes. Consequently, you need a way to adjust the new air/fuel ratio for optimal performance. This is what an aftermarket fuel pack lets you do. Your bike’s factory-installed electronic control unit (ECU) doesn’t control fuel usage based on mechanical upgrades, but a fuel pack does.

With a great tuner installed, you can choose to deliver the necessary amount of fuel needed to get the performance you want. A Harley tuner can also take things the other way, supplying more gas, which translates into stronger, increased acceleration.

Order Your Fuel Processor Today

A tuner is used to increase a motorcycle’s performance or to get the bike running correctly after making other modifications. An aftermarket Harley-Davidson fuel pack comes with a Harley tuner that lets you re-tune your bike to customize fuel usage. Order today from our store!