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Aftermarket Harley-Davidson Sporster Fairings

Harley-Davidson Sportster bikes have been around since 1957. It’s easy to see why: They’re some of the most dynamic bikes Harley has made, offering the feel of a cruiser when you motor down the highway and providing sporty handling for navigating streets.

Regardless of where you drive, having a Harley Sportster fairing on your bike makes the ride smoother by diverting air up and around the bike, significantly reducing wind resistance.

Additional Engine Benefits

Many Harley lovers who install Sportster fairing components are interested in customizing their bike’s appearance. But well-fitted, streamlined fairings can also reduce air drag. By diverting air away from the bike and reducing drag, a Sportster fairing can help you accelerate more effortlessly and use fuel more efficiently.

By directing air away from the bike, the fairing also shields you from blasting wind and airborne debris. Other great features in fairing assemblies include GPS navigation, high-quality stereo, and satellite radio, to name a few. Installing a high-quality fairing can truly add to the safety and excitement of the ride.

Order Your Fairing Today

Installing an aftermarket fairing for your Harley Sportster is a great way to upgrade the looks and performance of your bike simultaneously. In our store, you’ll find many fairing styles from different brands. We sell only what we would put on our own bikes, so you can buy with confidence. Order today to give your Harley one of the best upgrades available!