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Feuling ENDURANCE BEEHIVE Valve Springs for '17-Up Harley Davidson M-Eight Engines

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Feuling endurance beehive valve springs for '17 Up Harley Davidson M Eight Engines

Feuling ENDURANCE BEEHIVE Valve Springs for '17-Up Harley Davidson M-Eight Engines


FEULING ENDURANCE BEEHIVE valve springs are a direct bolt in replacement, no spring seat or rocker cover machining required. Endurance springs are machined from a premium grade Hi-tensile chrome silicon single conical ovate wire, shot-peened with a specially processed thermal heat treat and super NexTex finish to give these valve springs the needed fatigue life to exceed the high demands of V-Twin engines from stock to performance.

• FEULING® BEEHIVE valve springs use a smaller lighter weight retainer which drastically reduces the valve weight creating a quicker revving and smoother motion than comparable dual or single valve springs.
• Eliminate valve spring separation, maximize stability, reduce valve-train noise & harmonics!
• Available for 5/16, 7mm and 6mm valves
• FEULING BEEHIVE valve springs are packaged as a matched set and must be installed at the correct OPEN HEIGHT. Matching max cam lift to the open height spec of the valve springs is essential for optimal valve-train operation and spring life. See included spring spec chart
• FEULING endurance springs are a direct bolt-in replacement on EVO/Twin Cam up to 650 cam lift and Milwaukee Eight up to 565 cam lift with no machining or rocker box clearancing required.

Kits include: matched set of FEULING ENDURACE BEEHIVE valve springs, machined spring seats, seat shims, valve locks and a set of premium Viton® valve seals equipped with a spring loaded valve stem wiper system. THIS KIT USES THE FACTORY STOCK STEEL RETAINERS, if Ti retainers are desired see spring kit #1108 or Ti retainer kit #1109

Quicker Revving - Smoother Motion - Light Weight Ti Retainers - Bolt in up to 650 Lift on EVO/TC - 565 lift for M8

134 Lbs. @ 1.375 (0.405 Lift)
127 Lbs. @ 1.405 (0.435 Lift)
125 Lbs. @ 1.415 (0.445 Lift)
121 Lbs. @ 1.435 (0.465 Lift)
116 Lbs. @ 1.455 (0.485 Lift)
113 Lbs. @ 1.470 (0.500 Lift)
109 Lbs. @ 1.490 (0.520 Lift)
103 Lbs. @ 1.520 (0.550 Lift)
226 Lbs @ 0.970 OPEN HEIGHT
Coil Bind @ .920
*Cam specs measured on the lifter @ 0.050 lift with 1.61 rocker arm ratio

 Fitment: M8 17-19, stock 6mm valve stems with triple groove, this kit uses the factor retainers (W/O Ti Retainers) Stock & SE heads

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -