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Top Reasons Why Your Motorcycle Won't Start

Top Reasons Why Your Motorcycle Won't Start

Sep 1, 2020

“My motorcycle won't start.” Local motorcycle shops or dealerships hear this all the time. There’s nothing more frustrating as a motorcycle owner than when a bike can’t get going right when you’re about to ride.

Here, we’ll help you answer why “my motorcycle won't start” and how to resolve some of the common problems.

You May Have Neglected Your Motorcycle

One mistake that motorcycle owners make is leaving their ride outside for too long. Even when your V-twin cruiser motorcycle is not in use, it’s important to ensure safe bike storage outside the elements with good care in mind. If you neglect your bike for long, it’s likely your motorcycle won't start.

If your ride has been exposed to the elements, here are some of the issues that could keep it from starting:

  • Your motorcycle battery has drained and is no longer serviceable
  • Moisture may have collected inside your empty gas tank leading to corrosion
  • Your fuel is beginning to go bad
  • There’s clogging insider your fuel lines, carburetors, or injectors

These problems can be avoided by taking steps like winterizing your bike. Keep your motorcycle battery on a battery tender during winter, use a fuel stabilizer to stop your fuel from clogging, and always fill your gas tank before putting your motorcycle away for a prolonged period. If your motorcycle won't start, then check for other issues.

You Made an Error

We all love our V-twin cruiser motorcycles, and that means lots of custom upgrades to ensure they fit our riding style, comfort level, and performance needs. When upgrading or modifying your cruiser bike, you might make a mistake along the process, especially if you’re new to the process.

Mistakes happen more often than you think - motorcycle mechanics can attest to that. When your bike fails, and you try to fix it yourself, you could break something, forget to fix a wire in its right place, or even make a problem worse. If your motorcycle won't start due to a serious error, you may have to take it to a mechanic.

To avoid making errors, always leave the professional work to someone qualified until you know what you’re doing. Going the DIY route is a great option due to its cost-savings, convenience, and personalized experience. Just make sure to do enough research, look for online forums, and take pictures when fixing things.

General Wear and Tear

“My motorcycle won't start despite all the above.” The culprit could be normal wear and tear, which will catch up with you sooner or later. Regular maintenance is critical to avoid potential problems that could cause starting issues. Numerous problems could crop up due to a lack of maintenance and cause motorcycle starting problems.

  • An old, weak, or dead battery
  • Fuel or ignition system problems
  • Clogged carburetor and fuel lines
  • Motorcycle fuel injector problem
  • Motorcycle spark plug problem
  • Compression problem
  • Blocked intake or exhaust
  • Clogged fuel tank vent

Other Problems

Harley cruiser bike

Other problems could also be the answer to your question of why my motorcycle won't start. If your motorcycle won't start and you've been using the right motorcycle parts and accessories, ensuring proper storage, and taking precautions when fixing your bike or doing custom upgrades, the problem could be due to other reasons like:

  • You forgot to turn off the engine cut off switch before cranking the engine
  • You have a loose spark plug wire
  • Your clutch is not engaging properly
  • You have no fuel in your motorcycle tank

Shop Custom Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Modern V-twin cruiser motorcycles are designed and built for reliability, but things can still go wrong. In most cases when your motorcycle won't start, it’s probably a minor thing like a dead battery, no fuel, or a bad connection somewhere that is killing the ignition. Sometimes, you’ll need to replace parts like spark plugs to ensure your motorcycle starts and runs smoothly.

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