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Summer Motorcycle Gear for This Upcoming Season

Summer Motorcycle Gear for This Upcoming Season

Posted by Wiley Moody on Jul 8, 2020

Warmer weather during summer makes the idea of hitting the road much more attractive for many riders. The conditions are perfect for a dream ride on your custom V-twin cruiser motorcycle: dry, warm, and scenic. But if you’re not wearing dedicated summer motorcycle gear, it sure doesn’t feel comfortable riding in hot weather.

In the heat of the riding season, you should be considering motorcycle protective clothing that’s designed for warm and hot weather riding. You’ll want to get the best motorcycle gear for summer that’s optimized for maximum airflow with good armor and abrasion resistance.

If you’re looking for reliable motorcycle summer gear for this upcoming season, here are some expert tips to keep you feeling as cool as you look.

Ventilated Jackets and Vests

A well-ventilated jacket is perhaps the most important summer motorcycle gear. Textile mesh motorcycle jackets are better than perforated motorcycle leather jackets in terms of airflow and lightness for cooling. Jackets that feature both leather and solid textile material or textile mesh with closable, breathable vents provide even better comfort in the summer.

Full textile and non-mesh riding jackets also combine damp and cool weather capability and feature closable vents in strategic areas that provide reliable summer weather performance. Perforated leather jackets may offer better protection but don’t provide lots of cooling effects. However, you can add a cooling vest for hotter days. Don’t forget to take lots of liquids.

Keep these tips in mind when selecting riding jackets for your summer motorcycle gear list:

  • Look for jacket designs that offer plenty of mesh for better cooling
  • Consider pockets for storing the gear you need
  • Look out for impact protectors that ensure protection for years to come
  • Check whether the jacket comes with a water-resistant and/or thermal liner
  • Go for jackets with high-visibility reflective stripes, bright colors, logos, or piping

Breathable and Lightweight Pants

The design features and material options available for summer motorcycle pants are also extensive. For many riders, denim offers reliable, all-around comfort and versatility as part of their summer motorcycle gear. However, there are lots of options offering better protection, breathability, and more value when checking out the best motorcycle gear for summer.

For instance, jeans now come with value-added features like kevlar lining for abrasion protection or enhanced stretch for comfortable fitting. Some are outfitted with extra pockets to insert impact protectors. Manufacturers are also introducing high-strength thread that’s abrasion-resistant in the entire garment to ensure maximum protection.

Textile motorcycle pants with various configurations and protective features are also available. Many have the same hybrid material as those used in summer motorcycle jackets. The best summer motorcycle safety gear, including pants, should be breathable and lightweight and have mesh panels with protective padding at strategic points.

Summer Motorcycle Base Layers

If you’re a die-hard leather riding gear enthusiast, then you need to consider some innovative base layer options. Even with a perforated riding jacket, the right base layer can help maximize the level of comfort as you also maximize your protection. As you select a base layer, consider what it’s made of and exactly what it’s meant for.

Base layers can keep those snug and close-fitted leather motorcycle jackets or other outer riding garments from binding. The right base layer should wick perspiration away from your body to improve cooling, facilitate airflow, and improve comfort. Look for quick-dry and cooling features in your summer motorcycle gear.

Fully Vented Gloves

Sweaty palms can be as discomforting as cruising on an uncomfortable motorcycle seat. On hot summer days, it’s tempting to ride without gloves, but doing so is unsafe and you have to consider the injuries you would risk in case of a fall or accident. You can avoid laceration and abrasion injuries with the right gloves.

Fully vented gloves are the best option for summer riding. All-leather palms and inner finger surfaces are vital features with enhanced gel foam padding and double-leather construction at high wear and potential impact surfaces. Some gloves come with perforated textiles or breathable synthetic materials to ensure proper ventilation.

Just like other summer motorcycle gear, these gloves also feature creative protection on the backside of the hand and fingers. Impact protection over the back of the fingers, knuckles, and back of the hand and even the wrist is available. Another critical feature to look for is a sturdy retention system with an adjustable wrist closure that prevents the gloves from coming off.

Summer-Friendly Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is a must-have in your best motorcycle gear for summer list. But it’s also most cited as uncomfortable to wear during hot weather. The good news is that there are lightweight, well-ventilated helmets you can get to match your custom cruiser riding style. Modern helmets come with value-added features that provide state-of-the-art protection, comfort, and convenience.

When browsing summer motorcycle headgear, choose helmets with carbon fiber or composite hybrids of fiberglass, polycarbonate, carbon fiber, or other materials for a lightweight option. These helmets meet the latest impact protection standards and offer cool flow-through ventilation and innovative helmet features like Bluetooth connectivity and stylish designs.

Comfortable Summer Riding Boots

Finding the right footwear for summer riding can be a challenge when you want both ventilation with all-round protection. The good news is, there are many options available today that provide enhanced ventilation, comfort, and protection. The best summer riding boots should feature microfiber uppers or perforations, or air intakes and microinjections in the ankle area to maximize airflow.

motorcycle boots

The fit system should also be comfortable for long rides. Keep in mind that even the smallest, low-speed mishap can cause a range of injuries, and wearing protective gear can help reduce the severity of those injuries. We encourage riders to always wear protective summer motorcycle gear from head to toe no matter how short the ride or how hot the weather.

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