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Motorcycle Safety Gear List

Motorcycle Safety Gear List

Dec 21, 2019

Motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to get involved in fatal accidents than car drivers, according to  NHTSA. Riding down a highway on a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but it can also be dangerous, especially if you don't have protective gear. Since motorcycles don't have the steel frame that cars have, they lack sufficient protection, which is why bikers involved in fatal accidents experience severe injuries or death.

Whatever motorcycle make or model you ride, ensuring your own safety is the number one priority on the road. You must also follow traffic rules, such as riding under the speed limit, being on guard at intersections, and putting on the  right riding gear, such as a helmet and body protection gear to ensure road safety not just for yourself, but also for other road users. Here’s a motorcycle safety gear list to help you get started with safe riding practices.

D.O.T-Approved Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing a  helmet is a perfect idea to stay safe and also a legal requirement in most states. Helmets reduce the death rate by 37% when motorcyclists are involved in an accident. However, most riders complain that helmets cause discomfort and come in the way of their free-wheeling experience. Fortunately, helmets come in various styles, colors, and sizes to fit the needs of different bikers.

Besides preventing death, there are other benefits of wearing helmets. A helmet protects you against natural elements like the wind and insects. While reducing the risk of head injuries in case of an accident, your helmet can also enhance your riding style due to heightened clarity. These benefits are the reasons why a helmet tops the motorcycle safety gear list.

Leather Riding Gloves

leather gloves on motorcycle rider

While it is reasonable to assume a jacket should come second on the list,  hand gloves are more essential. They protect your hands against abrasion and cuts should you get involved in a crash. Additionally, hand gloves prevent insects, raindrops, and any debris from hitting your knuckles, like a lite version of motorcycle hand guards. Like helmets, motorcycle hand gloves come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit you depending on your riding style.


The primary functions of a riding jacket are safety and comfort. A motorcycle jacket or body armor protects the upper part of your body against impact in the event of a sudden fall or crash. Jackets top the motorcycle safety gear list because they come with padding on the shoulders, spine, and elbows to safeguard riders against bone fractures. They’re also designed for comfort and enhanced style to make you feel relaxed as you cruise along different terrains.

Motorcycle Boots

For the best motorcycle riding experience, you must rely on your feet for shifting and braking. That’s why you must invest in the right footwear to ensure comfort and safety throughout the journey. Buying the right motorcycle boots ensures you don’t experience fatigue on your feet. They also protect you from the heat from exhaust pipes, extreme weather conditions, and road debris. When choosing boots, you must consider your riding style, fit, and material, just like you would other elements on the motorcycle safety gear list.

Eye Protection

Whether you’re wearing a full or half helmet, you can add eyewear to enhance eye safety. Remember, standard sunglasses don't provide maximum protection against something getting to your eyes from behind the lens. It’s wise to invest in a set of motorcycle goggles to protect your eyes while maintaining an appealing look.

These goggles are designed for impact protection, just like how motorcycle hand guards work. Eye protection goggles are an important consideration on the motorcycle safety gear list as they prevent debris intrusion and stay securely on your head. They come in a variety of styles that blend well with your body armor.

Shop Quality Riding Gear Online

Safety is a top priority for every motorcycle rider. You must invest in proper protective riding gear to prevent bodily injuries in the event of an accident and ensure riding comfort. At West End Motorsports, we bring you quality riding gear and  aftermarket customizable parts and accessories that you can install yourself. Shop now and enjoy guaranteed fitment.

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