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Ride in High Style with High Handles

The look of handlebars is defined by contour and height. Some riders like the look of lower handlebars that help a bike appear aerodynamic. A lot of riders like the look of high riser bars. Taller riders go with ape hangers for comfort.

If you belong to the second group of riders, check out our selection of Road Star handlebar risers. From functional to extreme, we’ve got what you need. If you’re tall with longer arms, high handles can get the angle of your arms in a more comfortable position than lower handlebars. Ape hangers can get arms up, away from everything else.

Find Risers for Your High Expectations

Whether handlebars that sit a bit higher or rise several inches taller is your pleasure, we have the Roadstar handlebar risers and accessories that you need to complete the custom upgrade. If high handlebars are feature that want for your bike, shop our inventory to find the parts to make it happen. Get Roadstar handlebar risers from West End Motorsports today!