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Willie & Max Sissy Bar Bag- Braided Series

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Willie & Max Sissy Bar Bag- Braided Series

The Willie & Max Braided Series— An Unrivaled Subtle Elegance

• These bags are styled to give you just enough refinement to offset the rugged good looks of you're bike

• Constructed or rich black synthetic leather and is attractively trimmed in three-strand braiding

• Genuine roller-pin buckles add security and plastic internal reinforcements help the bag retain its shape

• Uses an easy tie-on lace mounting system

Measures: 8"W x 10"H x 4-1/2"D

Perfect When Paired With One of The Braided Series Saddlebags:
1. Standard Saddlebags [PN 3501-0124]
2. Compact Slant Saddlebags [PN 3501-0144]
3. Fleetside Slant Saddlebags [PN 3501-0147]
4. Touring Saddlebags [PN 3501-0132]