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Fuel Processors /Tuners

Victory Kingpin Accessories

If your Kingpin is running rough, you may be missing one of the most important Victory Kingpin accessories you can have: a fuel tuner. Fuel tuners work with your Victory aftermarket parts to give you optimal performance that owns the road. Fuel management systems may not be seen, but they are definitely felt, as they work with your other components to feed your engine the exact fuel-air mixture it needs to thrive. Give your ride the extra power it’s been missing,

Performance Kingpin Accessories

Get the most out of your performance Victory Kingpin accessories with a premium fuel management system. If you’re running your Victory aftermarket parts without one, you could be throwing away money at the gas pump.

Our tuners are easy to install using your own harness and are intuitive to use. Whether you choose an autotuner that maps your system itself, or you want a model that puts the power of performance in the palm of your hand, we’ve got you covered. Our guaranteed-to-fit tuners will help you deliver power where it’s needed: where the rubber meets the road.

Fine Tuned Performance

When you’re building a performance bike, you need a parts supplier that offers components you need from wheel to wheel. We’re proud to bring you some of the best parts, accessories, and electronics available. Contact our customer support crew at 800-520-8525 if you need help placing an order or have questions about our products. Get your Victory Kingpin accessories from West End Motorsports today!