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Fuel Processors /Tuners

Victory Hammer Performance Parts

Be sure you’re getting your money’s worth from your bike’s Victory Hammer performance parts with a new fuel processor. A premium tuner maps your Victory Hammer parts, even the high-performance ones, and then adjusts to the optimal fuel mixture for optimal operation. If you want better fuel economy and more power when you twist the throttle, this is the perfect customization.

Victory Hammer Processors

Victory Hammer performance parts give your motorcycle the capability it needs to own the road. If you plan to customize your ride with aftermarket exhausts, air scoops, or other performance parts, a professional-grade fuel processor is one of the most important Victory Hammer parts you can buy.

Our tuners are engineered to work with whichever components you’re running on your bike, mapping them to perfection to give you the performance, as you cruise. Whether you’re a hardened road vet or still new to the saddle, these processors are an easy installation job straight from the box.

Gear For Riders

You want the best for your bike, and we want to make sure you have it. Call our customer service team at 800-520-8525 for help placing an order or choosing the right parts for your motorcycle. Order your Victory Hammer performance parts from West End Motorsports today!