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Seizmik ICOS In Cab On Seat Gun Rack for UTV Models

SKU: SZM7200
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Seizmik ICOS In Cab On Seat Gun Rack for UTV Models

Seizmik ICOS "in Cab on Seat" Gun Rack for UTV Models

Installs in seconds without tools; just click in-vehicle seat belt and go (seatbelt required to install – not included)
Three-point seat belts require the seatbelt adjustor clip, sold separately 

  • Holds up to two guns securely surrounded in soft cushioned channels that won't mar firearm finishes
  • Proprietary foam chassis is tough and durable yet absorbs shock and vibrations while keeping your firearms steady and protected. Silent for stealthy operation
  • Quietly operates, soft chassis does not bang around and no noisy Velcro to alert game.
  • Stealth compression straps silently mount and dismount guns while keeping them tightly secured
  • Heavy-duty, quick-release, glass-filled nylon buckles for tough reliability
  • Muzzle control keeps guns pointed down
  • Made entirely of closed-cell foam to prevent damage or scratches to your guns
  • To prevent damage, no parts make contact with your optics or sights
  • Nylon webbing and buckles ensure little to no noise when you retrieve or store your guns.