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Saddlemen E-PAK Personal Electronics Magnetic Pouch

SKU: 3502-0208
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Saddlemen E-PAK Personal Electronics Magnetic Pouch

Bring your smart-phone, GPS or other personal electronics on your motorcycle – you can easily see the device screen and controls through the pouch’s large window.

Sized to be used with modern smart phones, but can also be used with a variety of GPS units. The pouch can be oriented to match the screen format of your device

Strong magnets keep the weather resistant pouch secured to your metal fuel tank. Each magnet is shielded to prevent interference with your device’s electronics

Spacious electronics compartment (5" wide x 3.5" long x 0.75" tall) includes a removable plush pad and foam mat you can trim to custom fit your device to the pouch

The large plastic window transfers electrostatic energy so you can operate the touch screen on your device (with a bare finger or special electrostatic-transmitting gloves)

Rubberized pouch back protects your bike’s paint finish while the long perimeter zipper let’s you easily stow or remove your device from the pouch

Includes zipper fob retention strap (so the fob will not touch your fuel tank while riding).

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