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Saddlemen Adventure Pack Soft Luggage Pillion & Rear Rack Bag

SKU: 3516-0144
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Saddlemen Adventure Pack Soft Luggage Pillion & Rear Rack Bag

An outstanding group of soft luggage for your motorcycle.

Designed to overcome the tough environment of Adventure touring, but are styled to look great on any performance motorcycle

Easy to install with quick-release, lockable buckles - these bags have a variety of mounting configurations.

Each bag can be secured in a way that best suits your motorcycle and other accessories

Expandable to hold an impressive amount of cargo, each bag has a rain cover for extra weather protection.

The spacious Pillion & Rack Bag includes a back pack strap so you can easily take your cargo with you

The Pillion & Rear Rack Bag lines up with the rear seat and rear rack of most Adventure motorcycles.

Takes advantage of Saddlemen’s Adventure TRACK seats’ cargo mounting points

The Rear Rack Bag is shaped to match the rear rack or grab rails of the most common Adventure or Sportbikes.

It’s perfectly sized to carry adequate cargo yet remain stylish and out of the way as you navigate through your journey

20-pound capacity

14.0" wide x 20.0" long x 8.5" tall (10.5" tall expanded)