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National Cycle V-Stream Windshield for GL1500 '88-00

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National Cycle V-Stream Windshield for GL1500 '88-00

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Height: 25.75 in. (65.4cm) Width: 25.50 in. (64.8cm)

STRENGTH - OPTICS - COMFORT: The new VStream for the GL1500 features 4.5mm (33% thicker than stock) Lexan® polycarbonate for outstanding optics and impact strength 23X better than acrylic. Then we added our exclusive Quantum™ hardcoat for scratch resistance 10X better than FMR coating and 30X better than acrylic replacement screens. This is one tough windshield! The VStream's larger size and setback angle create a quiet and comfortable ride you're sure to appreciate

Thick, sturdy Quantum™ hardcoated Lexan® polycarbonate. DOT approved. Covered by National Cycle's 3-YEAR UNBREAKABLE WARRANTY!

Uses existing mounting hardware and OEM vent for a direct replacement. Retains full use of original windshield height adjustment.

Windshield features vent hole for OEM air vent. Remove vent from OEM shield and attach to VStream windshield.