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National Cycle QuickSet4 Mount Hardware for SwitchBlade Windshields on V-Star 1100 CLSC '99-up & V-Star 1300 '07-Up

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National Cycle QuickSet4 Mount Hardware for SwitchBlade Windshields


- Riders can now enjoy unprecedented convenience, quality, and functionality through an innovative new line of Quick Release Windshields

- The secret is this new SwitchBlade QuickSet4 Mounting Hardware that allows riders to easily install, switch, or remove their windshield IN LESS THAN 10 SECONDS-- WITH NO TOOLS!

Mounting Hardware Features:

+ This system secures your SwitchBlade windshield with bulldog tenacity, but is attractive and refined when the shield is off

+ National Cycle's innovative Cushion Wheel Spools turn and flex, allowing the shield to securely lock into place with a reassuring "pop"

+ When you want to remove or change the shield-- A gentle tug is all that's needed

Overall-- SwitchBlade QuickSet4 Mounting Hardware is Strong, Sleek, and Simple!


5 Styles Available

1. Two-Up [Part Number 55-7860]
2. Shorty (Clear) [Part Number 55-7861]
3. Shorty (Tinted) [Part Number 55-7862]
4. Deflector (Clear) [Part Number 55-7863]
5. Deflector (Tinted) [Part Number 55-7864]

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