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National Cycle Hand Deflectors for Certain Suzukis & Yamaha Models (Click for fitment)

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national cycle hand deflectors for certain suzukis and yamaha models

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• Width: 9.75 in. (24.7cm)

• Height: 5.75 in. (14.6cm)

• Hand Deflectors are an easy-to-install solution for keeping your hands warm and dry.

• Coupled with a windshield, hand deflectors protect from the wind and rain.

• These deflectors make a windshield function like a fairing.

• Deflectors allow plenty of room for lever movements, even when wearing winter gloves.

• Deflectors are secured to the mounting point your mirrors.

• Mirror insert mounting hardware provided.

C50/C50T '07-11
M50 '07-10
C109R '08-11
V-Star 650 CL/CU '97-11
V-Star 1100 CL/CU/Silverado '99-09
V-Star 1300 '07-11
Road Star 1600/1700 '99-11