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Mustang Two-Piece Wide Seat for Volusia 800 '01-04 & C50 '05-Up -Studded

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Mustang Two-Piece Wide Seat  for Volusia 800 '01-04 & C50 '05-Up -Studded

-Wide Touring Seats

Studded, Two-Piece Seat

Mustang's popular touring seat features several design improvements over the stock seat. The 16" wide deeply pocketed driver bucket sits you at the ideal cruising angle. The driver's back is well supported by the nose of the passenger seat that extends forward to create a full 6.5" high backrest. The entire 12" width of the comfortable passenger seat is fullly suported by Mustang's unique internal steel support wings -no sagging on the edges, no more passenger complaints.

Baseplate Features:
Solo mounts to fender with a slotted nut and bracket supplied with the seat. Passenger seat engages into slotted nut and secures in the rear. Rubber bumpers are strategically placed to prevent the seat from touching the frame and fender.