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Mustang Two-Piece Wide Seat for Road Star 1600/1700 '99-Up -Studded

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Mustang Two-Piece Wide Seat  for Road Star 1600/1700 '99-Up  -Studded

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Two-Piece Seat -Wide Studded

- The deeply pocketed front bucket measures a full 17" across and can be run as a solo.

- The passenger seat extends forward to provide additional driver back support.

- Passenger seats are 13" wide and utilizes unique internal steel support wings for all day comfort--your passenger will be happy.

- Mustang's engineers have designed the Road Star seat to close tolerances for a perfectly tight fit.

Baseplate Features:
- The two-piece seat is built on a marine-grade fiberglass baseplate.
- The passenger seats are attached to the solo with two hidden screws.
- Mustang has designed the seat for quick removal in that the solo portion utilizes the stock key latch and the rear of the seat is bolted down with a stock rear screw and the supplied nylon washers.
- To acces the helmet locks and tool kit, unlatch seat and pivot a few inches to the side.