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Mustang Solo Seat with Driver Backrest for Road King '94-96 -Studded

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Mustang  Solo Seat with Driver Backrest  for Road King '94-96 -Studded

-Studded 16.5" Solo With Backrest -
Mustang's built-in backrest offers more features than any other brand, but is priced considerably less. The deeply contoured 16.5" wide solo features a nose narrower than stock so that the rider can plant his feet on the ground without bending his knees. Solos and Rear Seats feature black pearl-centered chrome studs. The Wide Recessed Passenger rear seat offers maximum comfort. The 8.5" rear seat or fender bib are other options.

Solo and Rear Seat Baseplates:
Solos and rear seats are built on 16 gauge formed steel baseplates. Solos have a single nose clip and two chrome mounting tabs that align with the fender inserts. Rear seats have two slots in the baseplate and a chrome tab for mounting. Driver Backrest Kits will NOT work with a solo and/or rear seat.

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